Monday, August 2, 2010


[I came to the Mall today to get online to post this. I’ll do more tomorrow at the library – it’s closed today. Have more side stuff to tell, plus other bits and pieces. Thanks so much for prayer. I’m in a pretty desperate spot. Dropped my son, Steve, and g-son Dyllon at Sea-Tac airport about an hour ago. Dyllon kissed me several times and thanked me for the trip. He had a wonderful time...] Here we go!

WOW! Kristan called me Saturday noon.

Fred had gone to breakfast with Promise Keeper friends Saturday morning. Afterwards, they went to the church; usually about 10 were present for the Promise Keepers meeting. This time the church was packed. After Fred sat down, two men came to him. They were the father and uncle of Kirsten, the girl who died. They were also Promise Keepers members, but not at Fred’s church. Fred and the dad hugged and cried and even laughed.

Later, Fred was sharing and told the others that her dad was with them. Everyone stood up, including a very elderly man who usually could not get on his feet. Then the dad was brought forward, the men surrounded him and laid hands on him and prayed for him.

A speaker/sharer reminded the people involved in this event, on either side, that the grief system could/would go into various stages, but if they would come together and seek the help at those times, they could work through it.

The witnesses who said a red light was run have not been proven. The light was most likely yellow. Also, people were not supposed to cross the road at the place where this happened... the cross-walk signal buttons were covered and it was noted that people were supposed to go to other streets. The police checked Fred’s cell phone to see if he had been using it. He hadn’t had a call for ½ hour and the other call was 911, even though it hadn’t reached reception. One man who was at the site, who didn’t know Fred, but looked into his eyes and saw Fred’s "heart" has said that if a court situation arises, he will be there to stand up for him since his brokenness and character were so clear.

People have left memorial items at the death site ... balloons, flowers, etc., of course. However, folks have also left cards and flowers on Fred and Kris’ porch.

Much, MUCH prayer has been taking place in Fairbanks, especially among those who have somehow known connections to both families.

OH, and the day after the accident the dad also contacted Fred’s boss and told him to tell Fred there was "no animosity." The parents are in the midst of a divorce, so the girl’s Mom hasn’t been heard from in all of this, but the Lord has flooded so much peace and encouragement into this awful circumstance.
My sister Niki, who said she is not an intercessor, was buried in praying for Fred the first night this happened. She told me the Lord laid Rom. 8:28 – All things.... And she said that every time she "saw" the verse in her mind, ALL THINGS was very bold. Eventually she fell asleep, knowing the prayers were in place.

When I was preparing to leave for this trip, I was going to add 200 minutes to my cell phone for this month away, since I would be around cell phone folks out here. While I was talking to the service person, yammering and hammering about the 200 minutes and the cost, suddenly "300" was in my head and I said it. Now I’m beginning to understand why that was so important. With this event, it has added a significant amount of time on my phone. God is so kind to prepare us for things we don’t know are coming down our path.


SimplyDarlene said...

Still praying for all involved...


Beth said...

Praise God! Thanks for the update. I've felt all along the father was the key.
Still will continue to pray.

Leslie said...

Thanks for updating us all. This is a very, very encouraging report. I'm grateful to God for His work in the midst of this tragedy, and for the people who have already responded to His spirit.