Sunday, August 8, 2010



[rainy...and really nice!]

What a treat... just a normal, fun, "walking in the park" afternoon.

[have lots of serious/important stuff to post, but that'll just have to wait... maybe until I get home by the middle of next week ... in the meantime...]


Actually, I put this together a few days ago, but hadn't finished a part. Leave for my sister, Niki's, tomorrow... need a peaceful, fun-filled evening with people who just adore me [or at least they think I'm funny and they respect me] and a bed to sleep in or a couch to sleep on before I hit the road for home early Sunday morning.

Today is the first time since I arrived 2-1/2 weeks ago at Mom's apt that her hearing and her speaking and thinking have all worked together. I haven't had to holler at her all the time and scream sentences over and over again -- and be hollered and screamed at. We actually talked about real-life stuff in a practical, peaceful manner. She was, in many ways, "herself" as opposed to this other person I haven't known and didn't know how to handle. So, a few hours of peace in the apt has blessed my heart and given me some strength.

Thank you for "listening." Now, I'm going to head for my last beach walk, rock collecting, blessed/relaxing time.

[And, with the time to leave coming, my heart is being overwhelmed with anticipation to see my Sweetheart and spend time with him -- am so used to hugs and kisses from him and g-kids and friends, etc., and this month has been nearly vacant in that area ... I'm starving.]


Beth said...

I'm looking forward to having you 'back'!

S. Etole said...

Safe journey as you get ready to head home ...