Friday, July 30, 2010


Again, thank you all so much. All I've heard from Kris so far is that when she reached home [Fairbanks] it made a huge difference in Fred's heart. [She didn't tell him she was going to be there until her plane landed.]

So far I'm just plain old tired. My Mom, as S.Etole reminds me over and over as I'm ready to scream, is an actual "Maxine." Sometimes that can be funny -- but when in a small portion of her small apartment and being "lipped at" about my less-than-perfect life, choices, views [according to her], it wears me out.

I've been at the library for a while. Am heading to Point Defiance Park to walk on the beach, pick up the rocks that catch my eye, take some photos with my new camera so I can become adept [my long-time camera was stolen from my car a couple days ago], and simply relish the time filled with my Lord's kindness.

My God-job of this next 2+ weeks is to stay with my Mom -- gives my local sisters/nieces a break. When I get home in 3 weeks, I will then receive the necessary rest.

I'll post re: the accident when I have more info. However, again, thank you so much for the support, kindness, prayers...



Leslie said...

Just popping in again to check on you. My brother does this "God job" for me and my sister, and believe me, it is a marvelous gift. May you have grace and love and strength for your 3 weeks.

Will continue in prayer for you and your family. Glad you got to go to the library (wonderful places!) and for a walk on the beach.

Beth said...

I emailed you--don't know if you're checking.

I have a friend who does for her sister what you're doing now. Her mother has strong opinions that wear thin on N. too.
Guess you need prayer in all kinds of direction---you've got it.