Friday, August 20, 2010


Actually, reached home late Tuesday afternoon. Have been doing small tasks around the house, yard weeding, reading and resting -- even taking naps, which is NOT normal for me! Tireder than I had anticipated. Dave just keeps rolling his eyes at me and saying, "Of course, Joanne." I knew I'd need a day or so, but have come to realize it's going to take a week or so instead.

ANYHOW -- 2 wonderful incidents to share that made a HUGE difference.

1) As I was finishing up at Mom's last
Saturday before hitting the road, I went out to put her trash in the dumpster. I ran into a fellow who lives in that building. He is a nice guy who knows some of my family. I said, "Well, I'm gone." He said, "So, you're done touring." I looked at him in total confusion, because, even though I'd been to Seattle and done a bit of side stuff, "touring" didn't make any sense to me.

He said, very bluntly, "Your tour of duty is over

When he said that, a light went off in my heart. I knew that what he was saying was accurate and it was a "word" from the Lord.

#2) I was at the elaborate rest area on the east side of the Missouri in South Dakota, 5 hours from home. A man walked past me and I said, "You are wearing a sweatshirt?" He said it was because of the cold air conditioning in his car-- he needed to keep it up so he could stay awake. When I walked out a few minutes later, he was standing by the building wiping his face with cool water. We ended up talking. After a couple minutes he said, "Are you born again?" I said, "Yes!" And we talked some more. Then he grabbed my hand and said he'd pray for me. So we stood in front of this big building with people streaming past and prayed for each other.

I always go on trips planning/
assuming that the Lord will drop people into my life at just the right moment at just the right place. But I always anticipate that I will be the one blessing them for Him.

This burly, Black elder of a pentec
ostal church in New Jersey was dropped into MY life, the last main stop on my way home after this month-long, frequently stress-filled, exhausting journey. What a blessing! I hit the road praising the Lord and saying over and over, "Thank you, Lord, for Brother Greg."

I have much more to share. Realize I could have broken this into a couple of posts, but wanted to pop things out so I can rest as I need over the next few days. THEN I'll be back to my "roadrunner" personality. [And I hope to have checked in on a number of you by then, too. Miss you.]

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Beth said...

Welcome back--looking forward to more stories!