Thursday, July 29, 2010


In this past several days many wonderful things have happened. I've been off line much of the time, so haven't been able to keep posts going.

However, something happened yesterday and I figure this is a reasonable way to get the need out. My youngest sister, Kristan, is from Fairbanks, AK, and we hadn't even seen each other for 10 years. She and her husband, Fred, came to the Lord a few years ago, and I've heard over and over how amazing they are now. We finally saw each other yesterday and spent about 1/2 hour -- in the midst of all kinds of family people coming and going -- talking about some of the wonderful ways the Lord has touched us. Right after we finished, her phone rang. One of her sons was calling to tell her that her husband had been in an accident and someone had been killed. One blessing was that I was in the right place at that very moment, able to wrap my arms around her very firmly and strongly and pray loudly and overwhelmingly so she could hear me over her trembling and sobbing, and even though most of my family in that house at the time is not Jesus-focused, it didn't make a difference; I didn't hold back at all.

In another bit of time the story finally fell into place. The final conclusion hasn't been made, etc., but the main thing is that it appears he ran a red light, and struck a 14-yr old girl who was riding her bike, and she was killed. It's even been said that they saw eye-to-eye right before it struck. Her friend and brother were also with her. There's no way to describe the devastation on all sides of this, of course.

Kristan was going to fly back next Monday after Mom's b-day party which is Saturday. Instead, she is leaving at just about the time this will hit the website. One of the sad things: the girl who was killed has a name nearly identical to hers... Kirsten.

Please just lift this to our Father. Last night as I prayed while floating in and out of sleep I kept hearing "Trust Me." There's nothing else any of us can do.

Thanks so much. I've never asked if it's appropriate, etc., to post things like this, but I'm so limited at this point that all I can do is what I can do.

Even though we've not met, most of you are on my heart. One reason I am looking forward to being home in mid-August is so I can start reading your posts and enjoying your presence.



Beth said...

I'm already on it as I'm sure others will be when they read this. You will have MANY INTERCESSORS for the whole situation and all who are affected.

And of course it's more than okay to ask for intercession. God has connected so many of us for many reasons---this being one of them.

Love --
Your friend in Christ--Beth

HisFireFly said...

Praying, of course. And yes, it is very appropriate to ask!

May God's peace, clarity and love flood over all involved.

S. Etole said...

Sent a host of requests out last night and they are all praying, too. Our heart is with all of you of course ...

caryjo said...

Thanks so much.

I spent a couple hours sitting at the beach, Mt. Rainier in the distance -- its stability and solidity very important to see at this moment -- simply enjoying the surrounding of God's hand.

When I hear more, I'll share it with you as I can. I'm sure I'll be here at the library tomorrow filling gaps... have some post thoughts, photos, etc.

Bless your most dear hearts, heads, and hands.


Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

Bowed in prayer tonight for you and your family and all involved...

God cups all in His love...

All's grace,

SimplyDarlene said...

Oh yes, praying here too. I got two requests (Susie and B. Meandering). How wrenching...


And it is completely appropriate to make a blog request. It is what links us as His children!!

Leslie said...

I just heard of you and your family's need through Beth. I hope you won't mind - I haven't met you, even through your blog, yet. Yet I am so sad over the pain that all must be suffering at this moment. I will pray for God to hold on to all, in the midst of this dark place. To bring his love and grace. To deliver. I am thinking of a verse that means a lot to me. Perhaps it will comfort you and your loved ones, as well.

"Listen to Me... you whom I have upheld since you were conceived, and have carried since your birth. Even to your old age and gray hairs I am He, I am He who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you."

Isaiah 46:3-4

May He uphold, sustain, carry, and rescue you all through this time.

Anonymous said...

Lifting you and your family in prayer, Joanne.


Jennifer said...

I'm visiting from A Simple Country Girl and praying for everyone involved. Lifting you all up!!