Tuesday, July 20, 2010


NOTE: There are flaws and errors and all of those wonderfully frustrating aspects. However, I need to hit the road ASAP to make sure today's goal is accomplished, so can't putz any longer. The physical need: My neck is burning... occasionally happens on long trips, but not usually this soon.

Here goes:
Overall, had a really good day. A couple of challenges, such as a sudden storm between Cheyenne and Laramie that swamped my car as if it was going through an intense car wash, dropped my speed from 75 [maybe 79 -- oops!] to 55 almost instantly so I could see what was around me and not risk hydroplaning. The other largest interference was that I misplaced the paper that had the name of the motel where we would be staying. It took about half an hour, with a helpful clerk at a motel where we weren't and I thought we were, my g-son Dyllon calling all the numbers the clerk gave him, and then finally me calling AAA in Cheyenne to guess which one it was from the tour book. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! It was 6 miles away at the opposite [east] side of Laramie, an exit I had failed to even consider. However, it has been a wonderful place to be. Anyhow, as soon as I called and the reservation was confirmed, my bp and brain both slowed down. Dyllon and I both were thanking and praising the Lord for doing this for us... and thanking the clerk and the AAA helper.

Dyllon and I went bowling. The first time for me in about 20-plus years. When I was in my teens and 20s I bowled fairly often, enjoyed it, and was good at it. WELL, last evening my
scores were just at the 100 level for the first two games and Dyllon -- who bowls regularly -- beat my sox off. However, miraculously, I beat him in the 3rd game -- by 2 points -- when I made it to 126. Had a good time, loudly hollering, groaning, wailing... hi-5-ing over the occasional strike or well-done spare. The best part? Dyllon was impressed. [My body is struggling today -- used shoulder, arm, leg, and rear muscles that haven't had such sudden intense movement in some time.]

The best part of the day: We stopped at the Lincoln Monument/Rest area just east
of Laramie. The storm had finished, so it was a nice break. When we got out of the car, a couple guys were enticing the gopher-style potato-chip-eating rodents with their bits and pieces. Dyllon became enthralled with this. So, for nearly half an hourhe sat on the sidewalk by the waste bin and tried to feed them his chips. This sometimes over-the-top energetic young man did hardly anything else; took a couple small breaks to hit the bathroom and the display area that had a couple of grizzly and black bears -- and the Lincoln statue -- but other than that, it was hanging out on the sidewalk and very quietly and gently drawing the animals to him.

Today: We drive
to Blackfoot, ID, to stay with friends. Hope to take a side route from far western WY up the edge of the Rockies -- hoping for some fun scenery and maybe a small town tourism bit along the way... not so much for me, as for a chance for Dyllon to have a good time. [Oh, and b/c I won that one bowling game, he's buying ice cream today, so I'm hoping to find a gooood shop along the way.]


S. Etole said...

Lots of "hmmm's" here ... glad you have Dyllon along to keep an eye on you!!!!

Unknown said...

Hope the rest of your trip is rewarding and refreshing!

Beth said...

You sound like me when I'm on a trip. Family worry a little when I go 'adventuring' on my own!
But the Lord and the angels get us where we need to be, right friend?!
So glad you're having this time with your grandson--sounds awesome.

Fatha Frank said...

Hope you're enjoying your ride. Did you bowl at Laramie Lanes? Spent many a night there back in the day. You and Duane are both back in my old neck of the woods. Makes me homesick. Enjoy the rest of the trip.

caryjo said...

Iam at my sister, Niki's, in Clatskanie, OR. Their computer connection is OK for them, but very slow and complicated for me, the non-techy person, so have to put more posts off for a day or so. Tomorrow is a full day on the Oregon coast, and on and on.

HOWEVER, wanted to comment re: Fatha Frank. YES, it was that bowling alley. Very nice workers. My biggest problem which I did not mention b/c some of my family and friends would have been distressed... about 2/3 of the way through the 2nd game I started getting loopy/dizzy and double-vision. Took a few minutes to drink water and sit quietly, but Dyllon wanted to play the 3rd game, so I decided to give it a shot. Also figured that some of the physical reaction was because I had gone from, basically, sea level to more than a mile high in just a few hours. But I thoroughly enjoyed my drive through town to the alley; off the main drag for the first time in my several times of driving past or stopping. Fun to find out someone was in the actual building in an out-of-the-normal place in our world.

Hope I can get more on soon. We've had some amazing experiences. Today I'm at rest for the first time in weeks. Everyone is gone and it's only me in the house in the hillside country... no cars, no noise, just peace and quiet... which will change big time in a couple hours when family starts returning home.

Sorry to spend so much time filling this in on a comment, but comes in handy and I can't do much else. Also, the cell phone connections are spacy here, so I don't use mine except to talk to my husband once or twice a day.


S. Etole said...

so good to talk with you tonight ... yes, some of your friends are concerned about that double vision and so forth ... glad you are having a time of peace and refreshing ... stick a toe in the ocean for me

caryjo said...

I picked a couple of small rocks out of the Klickitat river... and one is for you. I also picked one from the off the road at the bottom of the hill by the "Birdhouse"... just for my history.

And you can count on part of me being in the ocean tomorrow... I usually end up with the water up to my knees or thighs... love messing up my jeans like that!! Old habit. I'll definitely think of you in the process. If I find anything really special, I'll be sure to get it to you.

One tired cookie am I.