Friday, July 9, 2010


One of my favorite movies, just for fun, is the 1955 original "We're No Angels". I wanted to relax today -- my b-day -- no work, no pressure, etc., so after going to the mall to hang out for a while and dig through sale racks, I came home and popped this DVD in to watch. WELL, one of the script lines always catches my attention and I decided to pass it along to you. It's so scripturally accurate, even though the movie isn't. Here it is:

"If crime showed on a man's face, there wouldn't be any mirrors."


Joyful Catholics said...

1955, an exceptionally good year I must say! :D
Happy B-day, too, J.

S. Etole said...

Good old James ... glad you've been enjoying your day.

Beth said...

Happy Birthday! Great quote! I've not seen the movie though--perhaps I should rent it from Netfliz.

Michelle DeRusha said...

Sounds like a perfectly relaxing birthday! Happy Special Day to you!