Monday, May 11, 2015


     Last Friday evening this entered my life significantly.  The murder had occurred quite a distant way from our home.  My husband went with me for the site, and, instead of consistently calling it a First Responders event, it was led by a very spiritual lady who wanted people to come and pray for the family and friends and called her event "A Hand to  Hold".

      It's a good thing that Dave drove me over there.  It was to begin at 8 on a hilly area, and I thought there might be many people and to park the car might be too challenging for me.  We arrived about 25 minutes earlier, and that was a good thing.  There were already a couple dozen people, and could park the car.  During another stretch, there were approximately 200 people and they had parked blocks away, up and down the hills.  

    Immediately, we saw a few of us connected to First Responders.  I saw a couple wonderful friends that were too busy with other ministry working points they could hardly ever come to our murder sites.  It was a blessing to see Brenda, in particular.  And she became a blessing for Dave and I again, as I'll indicate a bit later on this info.
     OK.  A mother, about 45, was murdered.  She had been stabbed.  One of her sons, who was 5, had been missing.  Another young son, about 1, was tossed into a green dumpster.  Amazingly, he was found early the next day.  
     When the mother's family and friends officially arrived, they were a bit later than anticipated.  They were expected to be there at 8.  They came a short time after 9.  The difference was that the darkness had stepped in solidly.  For the 200-ish of us to walk down from the central portion to where she had been tossed onto a side-place when she was dead.  
      I took a few photos on this portion of the people who arrived before dark. There were many who were Mexican and interpreters were a blessing when prayers and explanations were done. 
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One of the hugest blessings for me was when Dave and I were walking with all the others towards the death site location and I thought I'd never be able to get to the front portion and hear and see exactly what had taken place.  Then, suddenly, our friend Brenda, reached to Dave, and pulling him, and him pulling me, we were broken through to the front.  She was a leader that evening, and, because she knew we had prayer shawls, I'm sure that's why she grabbed us. 

     When I was suddenly in the front line, I looked a couple feet ahead, and surprisingly suddenly saw one of the ladies who was standing by the flowers and other deathly gifts, and had a couple people holding her arms and praying for her.  I immediately realized she was the sister of the one who was murdered and she had arrived very quickly from Texas when told about the murder.  I was suddenly able to hold the sister. The other 2 quietly left her with me and went to other situations re: the family.  So, I held her and prayed over her and she held me and cried and cried on my shoulder and my neck.  I held her for about 15 minutes and then, when topic came up, I and someone else placed a prayer shawl on her and the prayers were wonderful.  Even though I couldn't officially meet her then, because of what was going on, I truly hope I will meet her through some other way.
      Also was able to take a photo of the little boy who had
been tossed into the green dumpster. So, I'll toss a few of the photos. This was one of the most events that the Lord laid on me. 
      Today, it was informed that the 5-year old boy, who they had been looking for in a river a few miles west of that portion of Omaha, called the Elkhorn River, for about 3 days, they found his body on the side of the river today.  The sorrowness is for the family, of course.  BUT in my heart I've heard for these 3 days that this son was in heaven with his mom.
     The saddest portion is that Mom's son who is 25, murdered her, and turned himself on Saturday.  His girlfriend was also arrested and in jail for now.  She was involved in some way, but the information isn't perfect yet.
     I just returned home now from another murder site in another part of Omaha.  We prayed for family and saw many children who were connected to the man who was murdered early Sunday morning.  He had a 6 year old son and a 2-month old son.  Now I'm home, very tired and filled with sorrow for what they've gone through.  It was a windy, chilly afternoon, early evening.
      Bless you and yours, whenever and wherever you are serving our Lord.



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Saleslady371 said...

A very sad story but then I think of you and Dave and the others who consoled and prayed for the loved ones. We are to be a light in these situations of darkness and that's what you did. I'm praying for peace and calmness in your spirit after what you witnessed.


Unknown said...

What an inspiring and informational post, Cary Jo. thank you so much for sharing it (coming to you again this week from #TellMeATrueStory

Unknown said...

and bless you and your teams indeed, for this ministry.

a joyful noise said...

You and Dave are lights in the darkness when you go to pray over family at these murder sites. I am glad the one year old was found in the green dumpster. He doesn't look the worse for wear. You are such a blessing in these terrible actions. Thanks for sharing with us here at "Tell Me a True Story."

Unknown said...

Oh man… that's a tough ministry you're called to. May God use this to change the family and city. May you continue to be used by our Father to be His heart and hands.