Thursday, May 21, 2015


  Niki gave me a photo when she graduated in Oregon where
she had been going to from Tacoma and staying with a friend she had known in Klickitat and who had moved to Madras. Somehow, Niki went there to be with her friend and it was more than 250 miles from Tacoma and took about 5 hours to get there, and the car was FILLED with my parents, my sisters, and some of their friends. It was quite a challenge, but a blessing to see her.
      When she gave me the photo, she wrote something sweet
and wonderful to me. I've never forgotten. We ain't young... in the photo she had just turned 18 and I was 22 ... heading to 23.    
     Yesterday she turned 65; I'll be 70 in about 7 weeks.  She was and is a blessing, then. Niki has continued to be a blessing for me and for many.  I love and miss her!! [And my sisters and nieces, nephews, and friends in the NW... love so much, miss so much!]

Together in Tacoma for Mom's 80th Birthday, July 28, 2000.

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Unknown said...

Wow. Life long friends. What a gift and blessing. As you are to her and to all that cross paths with you!