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The portion of this is based on the hospital issue re: Boniface who is in a very serious situation and how Cary [me] and Jill went with a pastor.  This is very truthful.
      When they walked into the hospital, everyone stopped whatever they were doing and stared at them. Pastor Joseph said, quietly, tears in his voice, “What I hate is going to the hospitals and walking through the wards. There’s so much needed and so much pain.”
      Cary, when seeing Boniface, had her heart broken and her eyes began to flow water a bit.  She couldn’t risk others seeing this, so she turned towards a window, and readjusted her tears.  Then she stepped back to where Joseph and Jill were.  And about thirty men in that room in their beds were watching everything since Joseph had come in.
        Boniface looked and tried to respond, but his eyes were shuttering and his body shivered.  When Cary touched him, she looked horrified.  “Jill, he is very, very filled with fever.  I’ve never felt heat expanding.  At first, I thought it was hot here because of sunniness and no windows open.  However, the heat is on him and spreading from him.”
      Joseph said, “Yes, Cary.  I knew this.  I’ve been in this room a number of times, but never felt anything this hot.  I was nearly crying, too.”

      Joseph took a sweatshirt and sweatpants out of a bag and set it aside for now.  He also showed him the toothbrush and a toothpaste.  Ipullet jumped by him and showed him a piece of dish soap and body soap.  She was filled with joy.

To help him sit up, Ipullet held his hand and drew him up. Joseph said he would take a photo of Boniface and Ipullet and Jill and Cary.  The only place it could be taken was on his bed-sitting position.  Cary, sitting next to Ipullet, and not right by Boniface, she felt the heat radiating from his body. Boniface looked very painful and leaned and bent and groaned.   
     When Joseph was preparing to pray for him, Joseph drew Cary and Jill and Ipullet together, and all held hands.  Joseph prayed very intensely.  “Our dear Father, we love you and we can trust only you to bring healing to Boniface.  We know your heart is for us and for him and, no matter what occurs, we trust you.  With all that’s been occurring in our part of the world for these months, and many are in heaven with you now, we know you are the only one who knows the conclusion.  However, we love you.  And, besides Boniface, please touch these thirty other men in this room and the many ladies in the room across from us. As I’ve said, we love you and we trust you.  Bless you, dear Father.”
      Cary prayed with her eyes open, and, looking around the ward, saw the sadness on people’s faces.  They had obviously become attached to these dear kids, even when they've gone through many of their own serious problems.
      As they were leaving the room the doctor approached.  “Thank you for coming and for providing the pain medicine and the sweatshirt and sweatpants for him.  That will help.  Our hearts have been turned to these young people, especially the girl.  She has served her brother in ways none of us have ever seen before.  Such love pours from her.  We know he is in serious condition, but we are hoping the surgery tomorrow will turn all of this around for them.  Thank you, again.”  He nodded to each of them individually. And they were thankful for his thankfulness. 

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