Sunday, October 26, 2014


This is a short piece of Chapter Twelve.  But wanted to share the photo.  Would make you smile and rejoice, too.  

..... Cary wandered out near the door.  She suddenly saw a teenaged girl who had a large plastic cup with water, and she had a small girl, about four years old, who was standing in front of her to look at the door and try to see the ladies who had come in.  This girl was wearing a fancy dress, most people in Cary’s world would have worn them in weddings or other special places, and hers was torn all the way below her neck and down to her tummy.  The piece on her shoulders were torn, too.  
 Cary rolled her eyes, popped towards Jill who was still inside, and turned her eyes towards the door, so Jill could see this girl, too.  They both were absolutely amazed how this little girl was so happy to be wearing this worn-out and broken dress.  All Cary could think of was, after taking a picture of her, that if any of her granddaughters or any other kids were complaining about not having enough beautiful dresses, and frustrated that their parents could not buy more for them, Cary wanted to have this picture put on the bathroom mirrors to have the kids hit reality.


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Floyd said...

I remember this awesome story! Reading the life of a dear one is a gift from God...

a joyful noise said...

So little can make those with nothing - a bit happy. We are so blessed and must always be in an attitude of Gratitude. Thank you for sharing your interesting post with us here at “Tell Me a Story."