Wednesday, October 17, 2012


When I left Vermillion, SD, on Monday morning, I was really one excited lady.  I was going to meet... officially meet ... a blog-connection special person, and have breakfast.  I arrived at Jennifer's at 9:30.  Thought I would be there only a couple hours and then hit the road to reach Susie's before dark.  That was the plan.

POOR Jennifer.  She had to put up with me.  I had so many questions regarding how to seek publication for a couple Christian novels I am writing, what to do next, and on and on. She gave me many thoughts and ideas to pursue.  Gonna do it.

Overall, besides a delicious breakfast and neat Haiti video with her daughter, it was simply a blessed treat.  Lovely home.  Comfortable.  VERY comfortable.

She was stuck with me for an extra hour.  I didn't leave until 12:30.  Left after a nice picture and a really nice hug.
 Monday evening I pulled up the driveway at Susie's about 7:00, darker and later than I had planned on.  And met her new "baby" Callie. 
This morning, while sitting in the living room in one of my favorite chairs, feet on the sill, looking out the window through the rain at the original family farmhouse, I saw a "dog" come in front of it, its color blending with the leaves.  Kept thinking it couldn't be a dog, but no proof for sure.  Then, suddenly, it ran to the back of the house... and it's tail let me know it was a fox.  That was a new one for me in all these years.
This afternoon, deer started running up and down the hill into the back yard and near the trees.  Another treat to watch them watching us.
Tomorrow morning, I hit the road for Dickinson, North Dakota, about 400 miles west from Susie's, to stay with some good friends Dave and I met at the orphanage we worked at in Uganda. I haven't seen this couple for several years. It will be a treat.

Looking forward to the blessings that will be on my trail... and am asking angels to protect me while on the highway.  My husband always prays that.  Believe me, I appreciate it.
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SimplyDarlene said...

butte mt and then my secret place in the wild woods of wa state...


see you saturday, Lord willing and the creeks don't rise.


a joyful noise said...

WOW you are certainly having a great trip! Meeting those who we have only met blogging should be fun. Some recently went to a retreat in texas at Laity Lodge, but I did not know about it and would have loved to go. Perhaps soon, I will travel. I have put it off for a year, with one thing and another coming up.

Linda said...

I can't blame you for staying a little while longer with Jennifer. She is so dear. I hope you'll share some of your new found knowledge about your books. I'm writing a novel too and don't have a clue!
Enjoy your time with dear Susan.
Praying with your husband for safe travels Joanne.

Sr Crystal Mary said...

I know the angels are with you, wherever you go. Your friend above looks and sounds like an angel. God is so good. I pray you make the correct choice with a publisher. Blessings xx

S. Etole said...

Hope you have arrived safely at your next destination. Callie and I already miss you; she is doing well after her surgery today.

Anonymous said...

Susie would be the one stuck with me seeing all that wildlife and the beautiful paths - makes me want to visit for a long time.
your trip has barely begun, and God is blessing you above and beyond. Praise to Him!

Gayle said...

So exciting...I am envious of your adventure but look forward to ours!