Tuesday, October 16, 2012


As planned, I left Omaha at 4 on Sunday afternoon.  I was going to drive about 125 miles north to Vermillion, SD, to spend the night at a friend's house.

I decided to stay off I-29 ... going through Sioux City, 90 miles north of Omaha, when the flooding last year had ruined so much of the highway, the road repairs were insane.

I have taken the other highways to Vermillion before, and decided that would be good.  Lots of hills and farms and lovely views.  Thought it might be a good way to rest and just enjoy the driving on gentle curves, instead of the straight, straight, straight I-state.
The Lord had dropped words into me a number of times about this long-time trip to the NW and back.  He indicated a number of joyful and interesting events would occur.  However, I had no idea that by 5:30 the first mind-blowing gift would land in my life.

I had driven about 65 miles on this side highway and decided to pop off the road at a scenic overview I've stopped at many times over the years.  It is on the Omaha Indian Reservation and has a view of Missouri River.
 When pulling into the parking area, I saw a pickup truck and a couple men standing to look down at the Missouri River.  Rarely seeing anyone in all these years when I've arrived, I was momentarily hesitant, but decided it would be fine. If the Lord doesn't say "Don't", I do.

Turned out that one man was the step-father of the other one.  The younger one, in his 20s, has lived only about 4 blocks from my house!!  The dad lives a few miles away.  BUT we had a discussion about spiritual warfare, when the Lord may return, what we need to do to help others prepare for the failure of our nation that could be heading down the track right now, and on and on.  I have his phone number and ministry info pamphlet.  In 15 minutes we covered all this.  And blessed and thanked each other for serving the Lord.

I could never have expected this.  [Who would??]

Much more has happened on this trip already. Blessings will continue and increase, I'm absolutely positive.  He certainly started filling my heart with joy Sunday evening and yesterday.  Now, I'll just keep grinning on the inside.

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Saleslady371 said...

God is full of surprises. Blessings!

Linda said...

I love the back roads to Joanne. Those interstates get so boring!
What a lovely encounter. The Lord has a way of dropping sweet surprises into our lives.
Oh - how nice to see you with Jennifer! You two are so sweet.

Jennifer @ JenniferDukesLee.com said...

I'm impressed with our self-photography skills. :)

Anonymous said...

God is good. Your photos are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Could hardly wait for your first "encounter" and wasn't disappointed.

SimplyDarlene said...

Oh, is this gonna be a pattern? I'm not much for the other side of the camera though.

Safe travels.

My husband wants you to know that this is not the Ritz. "Does she realize she's sleeping in the garage on a cot?" he asked the other day. Our whole place is concrete floored and unfinished, but the views are spectacular.


Patricia said...

Love the back roads and surprise encounters with blessings like this! Have a great trip...and I'm looking forward to more photos.

Christina said...

I would have hesitated and not spoken with the men, so glad you didn't! Amazing what we can miss out on when we don't follow His leading. And were you with Jennifer? So fun!

a joyful noise said...

Amazing that the young man could live so close to you, and that your talking together would prove so beneficial. Thanks for sharing at Tell Me a Story!

Anonymous said...

Got to love those "God encounters"
Blessing for your trip!