Saturday, October 6, 2012


What a treat!  Ranjit and Sarmila were officially married.  They were married in Nepal in a rather elopement connected to either a national system or a spiritual one.  They were Hindus at that time.

They arrived here June 12th, so this week will be the 4th month.
 She was pregnant, and quickly entered a local OB clinic.  Then, as I had become involved with Laxman, Ranjit's brother, and the birth of their baby, which occurred September 11th, Sarmila switched to their clinic so I could be the delivery helper for their baby.  The baby's due December 2nd.  This is Baby #6 for me since August 13, '11.  Quite an interesting God-job, believe me.

ANYHOW, they came to the Lord shortly after their arrival.  They were baptized a couple weeks ago.  And, because they were now Christians, it was necessary in their culture that they have a Christian wedding.

So, I went to the church today and hung out with my dear ones and was blessed to be with all of them during the service.  Their family-related pastor preached for quite some time... this is an opportunity he always uses to open hearts wider and wider who are still waiting to step to the Lord.
 I can never understand anything.  But I can hug, touch, hold, and bless my dear ones at the back of the fellowship hall.

The photos didn't come through well, but I'm going to toss them your direction.  You'll get the idea.  And one of the big noticeable issues:  She is 4'7" ... and that baby is already taking up lots of space.

They are now officially married, exchanged rings -- which isn't always done -- and were blessed and loved by many.
I will be taking her to the Dr. on Thursday.  Since I'll be out of this area for 3 weeks after that, a friend/"sister" from church, Marge, will be taking her in while I'm gone.  That takes pressure off of me;  I feel very intense and responsible for this baby's arrival plans.

This isn't particularly spiritually and artistically focused.  This is just a news bit.

I'm so blessed to be part of these families.  [Great-grandma, Grandma, Mom, Sister] And could never have imagined it.  

But God...


Anonymous said...

This "little girl" who looks 12 yrs old is beautful, intelligent, and so joyful. Having met her already, I am privileged to get to share in her doctor visits a few times and feel honored. The wedding pictures are beautiful including "Grandma"!

Gayle said...

I love your "ministry" with people from so many different cultures. In my work I work with many cultures as well. I look forward to chatting with you about it! Send me an email when you get to town.

Anonymous said...

Appreciate hearing the stories....