Friday, April 6, 2012


What would I do with Jesus?

That's a laugh! Let me tell you what I'd do with that blaspheming rabble-rouser. I'd stone him. With pleasure.

Ever since he emerged on the scene from that God forsaken area up north, he's been nothing but trouble. We can't maintain order. We had everything running smoothly here. Sure, we despise the Romans and there's always a plot fermenting to overthrow them. The fools who do that plotting are usually discovered and crucified, but, then what can they expect? They know the risks.

The Romans are difficult to live with at best, but this man, Jesus, has made it worse. He has divided the populace with his talk of a new kingdom...a heavenly kingdom. Who does he think he is? He SAYS he's the son of God. HUH!!

Would the son of God--our Holy God--allow prostitutes to touch Him? Allow the beggars and lepers with their filth and running sores, to handle Him? If he was the son of God, he'd know the Law and what it says about the unclean and impure.

He's an opportunist. And he's crazy, power-hungry. I don't know what his goal is; sometimes I wonder if he has one. But it obviously is only to further his own ends and increase his own following. The end can only be destruction. For all of them.

And for that I wait--impatiently. It will be a great day for this nation when that man is dead. The sooner this man Jesus is removed, the sooner we can regain our control. And the sooner we can get these Roman eyes diverted from us and back on their own problems.

So, again, as asked, what would I do with Jesus? I would kill him. NOW!
Monologue #5.


Gayle said...

We remember on this day...

a joyful noise said...

That is exactly what those today are doing as they crusify the Lord afresh. May we be at the empty tomb and join in with the shout, he is not here for He is risen.