Saturday, November 19, 2011


The last evening of our prayer-walk time in Morocco was spent in Casablanca. It was, actually, Good Friday, April, 2001. We had been in Casablanca our first couple of nights in Morocco, the end of March, before we hit the road and went to so many of those other wonderful towns.

We had not spent any time on the beach in Casablanca during that beginning stretch. Could sometimes see it, but only in the distance. On Good Friday afternoon we arrived in Casablanca on a train from Marrakesh.

THEN, we went to the beach.

I was overwhelmed. The Atlantic ocean, the gorgeous sunset, knowing the Lord had allowed me to be in that nation, meeting wonderful people -- both Moroccans and team members, seeing beautiful scenery, being blessed by the prayer and worship times.

I took photos of the ocean at that moment. What I didn't know until later was that someone had taken a photo of me praying, my heart overpowered by the Lord's grace and mercy on me. She mailed it to me some time later.

When I see this picture, on my book shelf, I am filled with desire to return to that ocean-site ... town ... nation.

Maybe that day will come ..... maybe.

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S. Etole said...

Thankful for the years of friendship we have shared and the opportunities you have had to travel. What a treasure you are as you gaze upon the horizon.