Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I returned home on Monday evening after 2 weeks between here and northern Minnesota, mostly at Susie's, and a time of blessing beyond belief.

When I left home, the weather in Omaha was, of course, heading towards colder stretches, and, yes, leaves falling off trees.

However, when I reached the house, it was overwhelmingly obvious that wind had been "swiffing" through here, piles of leaves all over the neighborhood, PILES in our yard.

But, besides the leaves being overwhelming and my mind struggling with how soon I can possibly do the raking and bagging and cleaning ...

even though I'm not always a "movie" person,
this one
jumped into my mind...

and made
me grin.


and the


S. Etole said...

Aflame with the glory of God for sure. What kind of bush is it?

Mary said...

i know you had a wonderful time with's amazing how much change can take place in such a short period of time...yes, what kind of bush is it - that color is amazing!

caryjo said...


I THINK it's a variegated barberry bush. The color is usually very nice, but this time it just jumped out at me... bright!!!

a joyful noise said...

Beauty of the autumn season with all the delightful colors, and the beast is raking up the leaves as they continue to fall.