Wednesday, November 23, 2011


No such thing as a pleasant evening when it involves praying at murder sites. When it's dark so early, and the cold wind is kicking in, it adds to the challenges.

This young man who had been murdered at this site was 19, and had been raised in Sudan. Since here, after being raised in a "battlefield" life, he, somehow, continued with that lifestyle here. Quite possibly was not able to set aside that intense part of his life. Consequently, he became a victim after having been a local victimizer.

He wanted to return to Africa. He didn't. And family hearts are broken. On both sides of the ocean.

I did have an experience that has not occurred since I entered this ministry 3-1/2 years ago. Which happens frequently, a local TV channel sent a lady to tape the prayer time. She had seen me before, and as we left the local church to go to the murder site, she asked if she could interview me when we were finished. And that is what happened. OH, and she also stood behind me with a light so I could take the photos of the cross.

I was surprised that the interview and other aspects were ready by the time the news began a couple hours later. Thought I'd toss this your direction. [I look so much older than I ever wanted to, especially on TV, BUT, life is life. Seems to have blessed and touched some local and national hearts... that is worth it.]


a joyful noise said...

Joanne I read the press release of your prayer vigil for violent neighborhoods where a murder has been committed. I do know that prayer changes things and it is apparent that a difference has been made in these secular neighborhoods. The darkness can be broken when the Light comes in.

S. Etole said...

It was a great interview ... and so is the work you are doing.