Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I was spiffing my bedroom and shifting the various knick knacks around, and suddenly sat and smiled at this one, thoroughly enjoying this lovely symbol of God's care for my grandkids... and for me.

See, back in July, 2004, this dream plunged into my life, so to speak, in a very strong and real way.

I was in a submarine-style setting. I "knew" I needed to get down to a hatch to open it and save my grandchildren from danger. I was flooded with a sense of urgency and "responsibility" -- a very deep and intense side of my personality, as nearly all my family and friends know. The way to the hatch was down a series of circular stairways and I was grabbing the side posts and swinging down from one level to the next, landing on the small metal deck between them. Just as I was to reach the hatch, it opened and 6 huge, strong-armed angelic "beings" came up through it, each with a lamb across its shoulders, holding them firmly. I was a bit taken aback, but stopped in my tracks. The dream ended.

At the time, I had 5 grandkids and 1 on the way, due in about 7 months-- he will be 6 years old in February.

My birthday was about that time and my daughter gave me this gift... and hadn't heard about the dream. It couldn't have been more perfect.

Over these years, I have used it as a reminder that God is bigger and stronger than I am!!! And He loves my grandkids and kids more than I do!!! And He knows [IS] the future [DUH!] which is, of course, far beyond my ability to guesstimate what is coming down the path.

So, that's the message I give to myself every time I view this lovely, face-less lady holding the lamb. I never, ever want to be without her.


S. Etole said...

How fitting that the Lord used your daughter to confirm your dream.

Love that figurine!

caryjo said...

When I told Renae that the angels had the kids around their necks, she said she wished she'd found one that showed that and I told her I was thoroughly pleased with this.

She also said that it was a relief to see that there were 6 angels and lambs, and she said that gave her relief that it meant this baby was going to make it OK. [which, of course, occurred with no problems]