Sunday, January 30, 2011


This is Phurba. He is 24 and has been in the US since November 1. Since he was 8, he has had seizures and, after reaching here, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Some days he's just dull and blank; other days he smiles a lot. And, when I'm around, he has begun to grab my hands and smile at me big time. I've grown to adore him.

On Wednesday he is supposed to be admitted to Creighton University Hospital and put on various medications for a few days and then will have surgery. His brain tumor will be removed. They anticipate that the surgery will be successful.

HOWEVER, according to the physicians, he will be an infant when he wakes up. No languages, not recognize family or faces, back to nothing. Even now, he doesn't speak much and doesn't easily come to know people, and certainly doesn't know how to deal with the terrible cold in our country -- the jacket and scarf and gloves were being worn in his house -- but to see him smile at me always makes my heart just jump for joy.

Just wanted to share about this upcoming serious event. Nice to know so many of you "out there" that I can't simply email or call. [BTW, they have changed his surgery dates several times already, but this one seems to be very much in place. If anything changes, I'll let you know. And I'll definitely let you know the results. I'm hoping to be at the hospital with the family during the surgery.]

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Anonymous said...

I am assuming that he will have the ability to grow/mature from the Infant Stage that he wakes up in?