Friday, April 14, 2017

APRIL 15, 1966 ... I CAME TO THE LORD!!!

     This is always so amazing.  I had known of the Lord when I was a kid
and sometimes I was trying to do the right things re: Him.  When I was 18 and 19 in Seattle, I was filled with a lot of sinful things and, because I was so sinful, I was planning to die.  The Lord broke into my heart and made me NOT become a sinful dead girl.  SO, April 15, 1966, when I was in Tacoma with my parents and sisters and friends, I was suddenly taken to a Baptist church by a friend in early April, and April 10th was the Easter time.  I was at that church and I heard more.  I hadn't officially come to the Lord, b/c of my sinful things I still felt like a bad person.  On April 15th one of the main men at the church was willing to pick me up and take me to his home for dinner.  His wife and 4 boys were there.  I was a long distance from where I lived in Tacoma.  Anyhow, after the eating time, the lady and the kids went into the living room to watch a movie, and the man told me a lot of the info re: that I should come to Jesus.  After several minutes I decided that I would come to the Lord and then he took me to a home where there were several girls who were in their upper teens and young twenties.  Since I was 20 years old and I officially came to the Lord, it was 51 years from now.  I became 21  about 2-1/2 months later.

      Now I'm 71 --- I'll be 72 in July.  Always look excited re: that day of April 15, '66, I  LOVE it MUCH!!!  I don't look good and my body and brain issue is a challenge.  I worship and glorify and focus on the Lord every day and every night.  I can hardly wait to get to Heaven.  He has healed and protected me many times even when I was a kid.   Now I can't focus very well and I am so grateful re: how the Lord has protected and healed me and used me, many times and many years.  I look forward to the Lord, and to Jesus, and to some of the angels that are with and in me.  
[AND 2 months ago I fell into the street and my face and arms and body issues were very serious.  About a month later, my husband took a photo of me so some people would see that I look a bit better.  Anyhow, saying too much as usual, but I can't write and share very well.  Bless you and yours!!!]


Aritha said...

Thank you for sharing this. I love it. God is so good for(us)sinners.

Unknown said...

Glad you're doing better! I always get a soul boost from your wonderful and heavenly perspective, sister. Thanks for sharing your heart and soul! Praying for you and yours.