Monday, September 19, 2016


     Our wedding was at September 21st on a Saturday afternoon, 1985.  A huge blessing for me!
      Now, our day on this Wednesday it will be September 21st, of course. To share it now is pretty important.  I'm a very happy lady!!!  My husband is a real treat to-and-for me and to-and-for many other people.  In a few years he's working in our church, playing piano or organ at 3 other churches, and teaching piano to some kids or adults, and fixing computers for a lot of people and giving them around and about.  In this 31 years things have changed.  BUT, as usual, he's a special treat.
     A special situation was when we were in
Uganda and a special photo for us during our 10th anniversary time.  And we were there before and after that for a stretch of time.                 
       Amazingly, we were in Paris to see some friends after we had left Uganda when visiting our "son's"wedding in Uganda.
  Then we were in Paris for a couple days and we were on the
anniversary in September.  In Paris, up on that special place that afternoon when we were on the Eiffel Tower and Seine River was our 14th anniversary day.  What a blessing that was!!!
     Anyhow, I'll just show the two of us in July this year, b/c we've not had pictures taken.  I'll try on Wednesday, BUT he works at two churches all day on Wednesday, and might not get home and the weather is indicating it may be thunderstorm during that day.  So, I'll be home and he'll be around.  We'll go for lunch or dinner at some point some day.  He's a wonderful person!!


bluecottonmemory said...

Happy 31st Anniversary!You guys are such babies - We've been married 33 years (we married when we were 12 LOL - just kidding). My husband is such a server and fixer. He has a hard time when sometimes I don't need a solution or to do things better - I just need a hug and a listener! Praying much blessing in this next year for you sweet lady

a joyful noise said...

Time marches on and you are both beautiful people sharing life together as you serve our Lord Jesus. The photos are lovely as you celebrate your 31 years as Man and Wife. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary!!! What a blessing Dave has been for you and you for him, and collectively for the world God set before you two. Blessings to you two! Praying for both of you and for many more healthy ones.