Friday, March 4, 2016


       When reading the Bible this morning I saw this verse of  Psalms and I saw this photo... AND I noticed that a couple years ago when I put the photo on with the Word I had written Psalm 118 instead of Psalm 18.  DUH!!  Anyhow, the truthfulism is that that Word has really grabbed my heart and my attention many times.  So, I can't re-do my photo, but just thought I'd tell you re: that stupid mistake about Psalms.  AND, also, when it indicates it was when I'd originally left Tacoma 45 years earlier, now it's 47 years.  I was in Tacoma much of the time from when I was a very young kid until I was 23-1/2 when my former husband, about 3 months after we were married, drove down and took me to his family situation near San Francisco, California. Since all those years ago, wherever I was living in other portions of our nation, I've continued to be a visitor ever since then when I could.  I've taken many, MANY pictures of the Mount Rainier.  AND the Pacific Ocean, Columbia River, and many towns in the NW. 

Pacific Ocean, late June, '15
Me and Dave and the other two pictures were early July. 




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