Saturday, September 27, 2014


The Lord laid it on me this morning to read 8 chapters of Joshua, finishing it.  He also indicated I was to read a spiritual warfare book.  That book, as I read a portion is not fun, not funny, but filled with reality.  The Lord truly laid it on me, so I can't NOT follow through.

Other than reading, He indicated I was to walk around and about in our neighborhood area.  I was to worship, praise, and glorify the Lord, and pray.  Didn't know where He was going to have me wander, but He laid a several-block area I've never walked or driven through.  All around and about the other ones for years and years, but no logical reason to do this one.  Well, it was amazing in some ways.  Took about 40 minutes to walk through that area and back to my house.  And I couldn't NOT take photos.  So here are the flowers, the HUGE tree filled with beans hanging down...never seen it in our area ever, but in the Tacoma, WA, I have...

...AND just a few minutes later, I saw a house that I had colored on a piece of kids papers at my parent's apartment area in Vancouver, WA, when I was 4 years old, and Mom didn't always approve of my coloring.  The roof isn't the same in this photo, and the front yard pieces, of course, but the house of bricks and green painted pieces grabbed my heart and kept my eyes flowing forward.  I sure miss being a colorful person, a drawing/artistic person -- as Mom and a number of our family members have been -- but when I saw this, I was filled with rejoicement.  What a treat.

And I did worship, pray, rejoice, and praise the Lord.  I saw and met a couple people--and dogs-- and they smiled at me.  Truly did, as I was smiling and walking through.  I walk with my cane and often I do reasonably OK, but, as usual, a couple times I started stumbling and needed to grab a fence or a street post of some kind.  

But walking for the Lord-- serving the Lord -- is what counts. 


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elizabeth said...

I wish I could see your little girl coloring to compare the two!

Sandra Heska King said...

What Elizabeth said.

I love sharing your walk and the flowers. Most of all, I love how you continue to press on and serve our God even when you stumble.

Linda Stoll said...

don't you love following His lead along the way?

you surely show us how, my friend ...

a joyful noise said...

It is good to walk and pray and cover the land our feet pass over. Thank you for sharing your awesome post with us here at “Tell Me a Story.”