Friday, December 9, 2011


Sorry if this is too blunt, but thought I'd toss it there first, and you can choose whether to read it or not.

On FB someone mentioned the seriosity of it right now and mentioned an article about Seattle.

Well, it's been going on in various parts of our country and all around the world for many years. A ministry friend of mine is in Greece at this moment, ministering to the prostitutes in one area. These "wo
men" are often young teens, forced into this life, and no one is stepping up to free them. Overall, sex trafficking has been one of my ministry study areas for many years.

Thought I'd share one episode involving me that occurred nearly 44 years ago. You'll certain
ly see that this has been a common occurrence; it's not just a "today" issue.

In March, 1968, I left East St. Louis, IL, to return to the Northwest. I had been in E. St. L. for about a year, working and involved in a street ministry. Because of some serious issues involving rac
e rioting and street fighting that occurred there, I was, basically, forced to leave town and return to my family.

I was on a bus and it stopped for a couple hours of layover and transfer in Kansas City
, MO. As soon as I was off the bus, a man came up to me and flashed his rings at me, and opened his jacket to show me more and more jewelry.

I was 22 at the time, looked about 16
. I was shocked confused and, unfortunately, didn't try to find a security guard or police officer [don't even know if bus stations had them in those days]. I tried to get away from him, and he always followed me and always found me. He kept telling me that because I was such a cute girl there was a party he wanted me to go to and he would let me have a good time that night and they would make sure I was on the bus the next day so I'd reach home. Later, to try to push me closer to agreement, he said they would pay airfare for me so I could get home quickly. Once, when I was in the women's rest room and lounge, the door was hammered. I was the only one who wasn't involved with children, so I answered it, and it was the man again, trying to get me to go out with him. I quickly shut the door and hid inside. When I had to leave, I mixed in with a group that was also heading out, so he couldn't get near me.

When it was finally time to get on the bus, I DID!! FAST! He still stood outside flashing the rings and trying to convince me to get off the bus. I wa
s very relieved when the engine started and we hit the road.

I was sitting beside a man who seemed to have a tough background, and after a while I tol
d him what had happened and asked if he knew anything about it.

He laughed. "Yes," he said. And then he described it. The man was trying to convince me to go to a "party" but it was going to be only drugs and sex, and I would never be going home. I would either be forc
ed into sex and do the "job" they had for me, or I would be dead. No other options.

Every once in a while, I remember this event. I know that, just a couple years earlier, before the Lord broke into my life, if this had been pres
ented a bit differently, I might have been tricked and sucked into that world. And death would have occurred... either from their hands or my own.

If this happened to me all those years ago, in a public location, why would we think it
wouldn't happen today, here and there, and all over the world? And with all the digital connections people have, the ability to flee could be more difficult. It just ain't an easy world out there.

I guess the only way to close this is
to say that I love my Savior for many reasons... and His kindness and protection for that short stretch of time in that bus station should be near the top of the Love-List.

And I worship Him, day and night, and will forever and ever.

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Glynn said...

And what would have happened if you had been 16 instead of 22, and didn't have some understanding of what was happening?

Thanks for telling this story. Sex trafficking has to be stopped, and this is one of the ways to do it -- by alerting people (of both sexes) to the dangers.