Thursday, October 20, 2011


Saturday evening a bunch of my Bhutanese kids were popping in and out of my house. I became a bit annoyed with the "popping" since I was trying to concentrate on a post I was working on. One of the girls, 15, who is one of Dave's piano students and one bright kid, came into the kitchen for water and said she was very hot and had a fever. My reaction? "P-u-r-n-i, GET YOUR TAIL HOME AND GO TO BED!!!"

One of their family friends, Charles, who has come to know me well this past year, had come to help Subat with a request for me, since the B. family doesn't have a computer printer. [I just handed Charles my laptop so he could get an airline ticket set for Subat -- and print the info.]

When they all were leaving
, I told Charles that when I die and go to heaven I'll be a patient person ... FINALLY.

es laughed. He said, "No, you won't be. When you enter you'll holler at everyone to get out of the way so you can see the Throne. And you'll be jumping over all of their heads to get there as fast as you can."

I had to smile and shrug a bit. I have to admit that
if God wasn't in charge... my personality would still interfere with heavenly reality and my hopeful perfection.
[BTW, Sunday evening Purni was taken to an ER and has/had been very ill and weak for several days. She has a habit of taking care of everyone else, and Dave told her on Tuesday, when she came here to practice the keyboard, that she needs to take care of HERSELF for once or she could be in real trouble.... so I'm not the only "in your face" one on her behalf, although my quiet, sweet husband didn't holler at her like I did.]

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S. Etole said...

Hopefully she is well by now.