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Chose a color for this post that reminds me of Morocco.

On CNN there were photos of Morocco today. And it just soared into my heart. Again, and again, again. [My photo is the Casablanca beach, sunset over Atlantic ocean.]

You see, back in April of 2001, 400+ people from various locations in the U.S. and Europe and northern Africa, arrived in Morocco to be on a prayer walk or ride. For some of us it was about 2 weeks; for others it was only a long Palm Sunday weekend. Can't say it wasn't challenging in some ways, but I could write and write for days and give so many amazing bits and pieces of joyful events and wonderful people I met from both here and there. And I could write some things that were so difficult they nearly put me over the insanity edge.

Locations: Casablanca, Fes, Marrakesh, Meknes, Bene Mallal, Ifrane, Imintanout, and the Volubilis Roman Empire archeological site. And three days in a Berber village not far from the Tour du Maroc bike race, unbelievable treat to see and meet the racers.

The assignment on the prayer tour bus was for 3 people to sit in the front praying over and blessing everything they saw as we passed – shopkeepers, shepherds, field workers, soldiers, children, and the towns, villages, and farm holdings. Every short while our team would trade the pray-ers and continue the pray-ing. Hundreds and hundreds of blessings went out from our team alone – the goal of several teams spread throughout Morocco for the first week before the Palm Sunday weekend conference/service was “a million blessings for Morocco.”

My favorite places? The Marrakesh Souk. Loved it. Didn't head for the cobra-side of things, at all, however. Also loved the Berber village filled with kindness and hospitality; I only wish we could have spoken the same language with the ladies and kids.

The Palm Sunday event – Graham Kendrick from England was worship leader; Steve Hawthorn from Texas the speaker. It was the most wonderful service I have ever experienced... more than 400 people in a hotel in Marrakech. According to what we were told, this was the first official Christian gospel public service ... ever. Some underground Christians provided small gifts for us –- I have a straw-made cross I received that is still in a nativity set of mine, Joseph carrying it.

One small miracle: I met an American man and wife when in Casablanca, and then ran into them among the thousands in the Marrakech food stalls a week later. They had been in Morocco for 20 years at that time. They were in their 70s; he a veterinarian, but both of them reaching out to the Moroccans in a godly and kind way. When in the States on vacation, they have attended Dave’s family church in St. Paul, MN – North Heights Lutheran. They gave me a bookmark from a Moroccan believer; I still have it. How amazing is that?

On the train from Marrakech to Casablanca I was in a compartment with a Moroccan lady whose husband had gone to forestry school in Moscow, Idaho, and whose son was born there. I had attended Washington State College [now University] in Pullman, WA, not very far from Moscow. Rajah was so happy to be able to talk to someone who would understand her wonderful experiences in Moscow. Rajah, Joseph,her 15 year old son, and Miriam, her 11 year old daughter, fed me and fed me and fed me... Coke, cookies, chips. So sweet to me.

Would I want to return to Morocco?? ABSOLUTELY!!! Although only a few months later 9/11 hit, and terrorism occurred in Morocco, I realize fears have risen, attitudes have changed. But, in spite of all of that, I loved it. LOVED IT!! Met so many lovely, lovely people and saw much lovely land.

BTW, I have a number of Moroccan dry-river rocks... I brought many home as gifts for my intercessors. Thought those would be keepable and enjoyable "souvenirs".

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S. Etole said...

The little teapot you brought back sits on the hutch and is a daily reminder of you and your trip.