Friday, June 10, 2011


On the way home from the Grand Canyon, we had one of those amazing "Right Place, Right Time" events.

At a Visitor Center and Rest Area as we entered that western phase of Colorado, and Jill and I were welcomed very intensely by the center's team. Wonderful people.

In the process, our connection to Uganda entered the discussion and they said that a Ugandan worked in that center the last portion of the week. I wrote a note with my Ugandan background and interest, gave him my email and phone number. Had no expectation that he would be in touch, but hoped he might.

Last evening Mathai called, and, between Jill and I, and him and his wife, we were on the phone for one-and-a-half hours. We knew some of the same ministries, some of the same people, had the same heart, the same goals for reaching others with the gospel.

It seems we are connected in many ways and he expressed the desire to become a friend, to share spiritual warfare principles, and to let me teach him some of the aspects I'm involved with and have been for about a decade. [When we were talking about one of those intense aspects, he yelled with excitement, "YES! I've been trying to tell our pastors here and they don't understand."]

So, AGAIN, God dropped someone into my life [and Jill's] in just that short few moments at the rest area.

What a blessing!!!

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