Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Just received this info from my sister, Kristan, Fred's wife. I could probably fill in more gaps, etc., but will just send this along. Rarely hear anything, as you can see. When the final result comes, I'll be sure to tell you. Thanks for sharing, praying, etc. In this past year, Fred has gone up and down in depression, OF COURSE, [which of us wouldn't have gone through that???]. He has continued on with the Lord faithfully, however, in spite of this serious and intense event. The young gal's parents have forgiven him, so far as I've heard. [Just thought I'd fill in any gaps by placing other posts re: this event last July. Thanks for being patient. AND, please pass it along to others who will pour their caring hearts on all those connected to this.]
update:...he pled guilty to Crim. neg homicide and third degree assault...the sentencing is on August 18th, the max he can get is 3 1/2 years so it is strictly up to the judge. There is a chance he could get "ankle monitoring" only, time to serve and then ankle monitoring..don't know where it will end up. Sorry that you weren't filled in, I will let you all know what happens the day we get out of court, If he has to serve time then I assume he will go straight to jail from the courtroom, I have never been through this so don't know the protocol. Love you and God Bless, Kristan


Anonymous said...

Praying for mercy, oh Father God of the heart.

Simply Darlene said...

Been wondering... and I agree with the comment above, Lord, have mercy.


Beth said...

Been wondering too---also praying for mercy.