Sunday, April 17, 2011


The reason I took Uganda sunrise off the blog and put this lovely mountain on instead is because I am leaving for the Northwest area in a week... and feel it's my last time to be out there... certainly when it is related to driving out by myself. Financially, it's just no longer a reasonable option ... and this trip was paid for by my "Mom" as a result of her death. If this money hadn't come from "her" after the service, I wouldn't be going out now to take some of the items she had sent home with me over the years to keep until she died and then give them to my sisters and their kids. So, after all this time ... driving out there many times in the past 20 years ... I feel the Lord is saying, "This is it."

What will I miss? The mountains [Cascades and Olympics], Oregon beaches, the Puget Sound, Seattle waterfront, Tacoma's Point Defiance Park, and on and on. The scenery always fills ... FLOODS ... my heart.

I'm not trying to give an impression that the family and friends out West don't count. In our present day, phone calls and emails and other computer-oriented connections fill most gaps -- although they aren't so good for hugs. But Omaha-area, as nice as the people are, as pleasant as the scenery is, especially during Spring and Fall, doesn't diminish my starvation for rugged and colorful-- and rocky -- landscapes. [Maybe because I'm considered a "rugged" and "colorful" person -- some aspects good and some not-so-good; but a mild and gently pleasant character? Not so much.]

Just thought I'd share this so you could see why the change has come. I hope you like this photo as much as I do.


Derek Hastings said...

I think that the reason that Geography takes such an important place in our hearts, is because we are more connected to the Creation than we think. So many verses about the land, defilement, and how it is waiting for us to be revealed. There is a definite spiritual connection there that remains to be defined. Especially, in the Western Evangelical Tradition. It is just kind of out of bounds to believe you have a connection spiritually to the land. Sounds too New Age I guess.


caryjo said...

I understand. I've sometimes thought about "loving it too much"... but the beauty, the amazing created bits and pieces, is what I enjoy. I usually end up just praising and worshiping the Lord while I see these glorious sites.

Jeanne Frances Klaver said...

This is one of my favorite places! Your photos are beautiful.

S. Etole said...

When you consider that we were formed from the "dust," before the fall, is it any wonder we feel a connection?