Saturday, April 23, 2011


Something wonderful happened at church last night. We had an amazing service and I would have loved it just as it was.

BUT, we had communion and were able to go to various tables, not just sitting in the pews and having the bread and grape juice passed.

Two of our Bhutanese girls were with us, Sanu and Rupa. Rupa had just left Hinduism 3 weeks ago; Sanu has been a Chr
istian for more than 2 years... baptized in a river in Nepal; how amazing is that?

When the communion began, Dave and I and Sanu stood to move forward, but Rupa stayed seated. I turned to her and said, "You nee
d to come. This is your first communion." She said she couldn't and said she hadn't been baptized. So I told her that coming to Jesus was the only need before communion, and was able to get her to rise from her seat and held her hand and got her forward.

When we had the communion elements in our hands, Dave pulled us off to the side and prayed over us and blessed us and then we had the bread and juice. Rupa's eyes just glowed and she grinned and held my hand.

While she was sitting with me in the pew she told me that Sanu had told her the baptism had to take place first, but that she had wanted to have communion, so she was very happy that I had taken her forward. [I don't know if I will have caused some problems, but one of our pastors works with their church, so it will be cleared up.]

What a blessing to be with this dear girl who just arrived from Nepal on February 25, and had the strength and courage to step away from the family Hindu god.

Overall, I've always enjoyed communion. LOVE IT!! But last night was just one of the best.

[BTW, all 6 girls in that family are now Christian; the parents seem to long for the Lord, but are afraid that if they change, they will come under attack by others, both here and abroad. But the parents love Dave and I... and a number of other Christians who have stepped up to help them adjust to our culture... so I know the Lord is bringing them to Himself. Looking forward to that day!!]

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S. Etole said...

What a very beautiful blessing for everyone.