Tuesday, March 22, 2011


A friend gave me a prayer shawl for Phurba today, so I popped to their house to make sure one of his brothers was home to interpret what I was going to share about it. Since the surgery was to happen tomorrow, I really didn't want to fail to get the shawl to him. [The photo has his brother, Bijay, one of my dear boys, and their Mom, one of the smiliest people I've ever seen, even in the midst of great stress. Amazing.]

WELL, the surgery has been postponed again. Now scheduled for April 6. This has happened a number of times since November. They arrived from Nepal in early September, and the brain issue has been gone over and over and over again. Creighton is a very good medical center, so I know they aren't just being sloppy.

Just thought I'd pass this along. I'd love it if the prayer shawl, that was prayed over significantly by these Spirit-empowered women, would pour the healing on this dear one.

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