Monday, March 7, 2011


Just wanted to fill in the blanks for what's been going on this past two-plus weeks and why I've been forced to "disappear."

For the last two weeks I've been buried in helping Nar's family -- parents and 5 sisters -- that arrived on February 25th.

I was the main person during the previous w
eek in line of preparing the horribly filthy rental, including the results of lots of rats. And arranging for furniture and all the other items they needed... kitchen items, toiletries, sheets and towels, and on and on.

I'm in the spot of teaching them how to clean the kitchen, use the refrigerator properly, cook w/o damaging the stove, how to use the oven, scrub floors -- their floors at the camp were hard dirt. Things we all so take for granted.

Also, helping with English -- reading and writing -- so the girls -- mostly teens -- can be prepared to go to school here. The funny one: I had a couple gals over the other night and they watched "Singin' in the Rain". Of course they've never seen anything like that and they were laughing a lot at the dancing.

Singin' in the Rain Poster

m in charge of putting a Missions Month show on at church on Sunday evening... It's a Variety Show, based on Ed Sullivan, and I'm calling it "Heroes." I've written all of it... lots of participants. When this is over on Sunday evening, my adrenalin rush may slow a bit. [I'll post some of the photos, etc., next week when it's over.]

ALREADY, I've been to help in other ways next week. [For instance, Phurba, Nar's husband and the local Bhutanese pastor, needs me to prepare an office area in their apartment and be his secretary.]

[I think I need a small break!!!!]

Sorry to take so much time to explain, but just thought my friends would like a "catch up".

You are thought of often and loved a lot! I'm hoping to catch up with you folks, too, in the not-too-distant future.

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S. Etole said...

Good to hear and see the "catch up."

Nar is certainly a beautiful young woman.