Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Last month I told a story about Phurba.

Last week he was at Creighton University Hospital from Monday through Friday having seizure tests. It was assumed that after the tests, the brain surgery to remove his tumor would occur. I dropped by the hospital a couple of times to see him, even though talking with him or his mom is nearly impossible, except for the occasional "Hi", "Bye", or "Thanks." All I could figure out, looking at the computer attachments, and asking little bits of info from nursing members, was that the seizures were pretty frequent, although not long-lasting and he'd recover quickly. Once when I walked in the door, he reached out to grab my hand, and I found out later from a nurse, that he had had a seizure just a couple minutes earlier and they were surprised to see this response.

Today I was visiting his cousin, also named Phurba, and asked about the surgery. He said the drs have decided that the seizures are not controlled by the tumor, and with medications it is possible that he will not only be without surgery, but may have a growth of normalcy and learn more easily. What wonderful news after he and his family have struggled with this for nearly twenty years.

I nearly jumped for joy, believe me. Can hardly keep my grins from flowing, flowing and .... overflowing.

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Beth said...

Wondeful news indeed! That's great that he reached out to you literally.