Sunday, February 6, 2011


Sometimes God just amazes me with His kindness -- and His quickness.

On Friday, around 1:00 PM, I stopped by Nar's apar
tment just to find out how she and her family are doing. With all the snow and ice this week, I haven't been able to risk walking around the streets; fell last Sunday by their apartment complex and whacked my right knee pretty hard. I had lunch planned with my friend, Sharon, at 1:30 and just wanted to grab a few minutes with Nar before heading for Applebee's.

While there, her brother, Kharka, 26, who is one of my "kids" said, "Hey, Joanne, I need some snow boots." I said, "Well, I'll do what I can, but there ain't no guarantee I can pull it off."

At lunch, as I left, Sharon cleared out her back seat for my refugees or others who are in need ... including a pair of black snow boots. I rejoiced, BIG TIME.

I knew Kharka was at work by then, and probably overnight, so I couldn't swing by with them to see if they would fit him.

Yesterday, almost exactly 24 hours
after he had let me know what he wanted and needed ... I walked into their small apartment. PILES of friends and family were there, including several guys who were practicing guitar, which Kharka was leading.

I waved the boots at Kharka from across the room and
he could hardly wait to get to me. He put them on, and with a fairly thick pair of socks, the boots fit practically perfectly. He was so excited, so happy. He grabbed his friend, Charles, and made me go outside right away so I could take pictures of him in the boots.

I told him, "You wanted them yesterday and God met your need. That usually doesn't happen so quickly." Then I tapped him on the shoulder and said, "Come to Jesus... stop putting it off." As usual, he grinned. He's not come to the Lord, yet, even though Nar and her husband are very intensely loving Christians. Kharka always has a "waiting" excuse... not wanting to offend other family members. Sticking with his Hindu background.

I am praying and hoping that every time he puts those snow boots on, he will be reminded when they reached him and Who got them to him.

How cool is that, Sharon? You were a gift "giver" for our Giver.

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Anonymous said...

When visiting that family with you
in December, I too, visited with Kharka and told him to accept Jesus right now and not wait. He will be compelled to do so sooner than later. And I loved the boot happening! Me