Thursday, December 30, 2010


Just wanted to take a minute or so and tell you what a blessing it has been to meet you during this past year. I've gained some wonderful friends, people I can respect and admire beyond anything I ever would have anticipated.

Last year, for several months, the Lord [and Susie] prodded and pushed and encouraged me to take that step. After digging in my heels, as I truly did not want to go that direction, I finally knew it was the right choice. Since my first post, last New Years Eve, I have not regretted it for even an instant.

I know I should be reading more, digging further, and spending more and more time in this blog-life. Maybe this year I will be more disciplined in that arena, able to "meet" more wonderful people. That's my next goal.

So, bless you and yours. You are loved, respected, and appreciated.


S. Etole said...

Looking forward to more of your excellent writing and thoughts.

Blessings for the New Year!

Beth said...

Looking forward to another year with you!:)

Unknown said...

Thanks for blessing us with your gift and your heart! Happy New Year!