Monday, November 15, 2010

Make-A-Wish Foundation

My grandson, Jackson, turned 16 today. A week ago, Make-A-Wish contacted his family and said that he could go to L.A. from this Sunday to Wednesday. He and my daughter left Omaha yesterday morning. He's out there now going to Universal Studios, and meeting NCIS actors. The desire to go out there for this reason had been placed with them some years ago, and now, suddenly, it happened.

When Jack was 2-1/2, he was hit with a strange, and supposedly, non-serious kidney/immune system illness. Expected to be free of it by the age of 5 for certain sure -- all the doctors and nurses and specialists were convinced it would go that direction.

Well, over the years it increased and increased. He lived on prednisone and then meds to counteract the steroids. It was so hard. He had been a very extroverted toddler, and then, by the age of 3, was isolated to avoid any illness that would toss his body back into the horrific mix. It was that way for years.

In April, '09, after a number of ups and downs, his kidneys totally crashed. He was on dialysis 3 times a week until last Christmas Eve when he had a transplant... my daughter being the donor. His recovery was amazingly quick, and he's been doing well. He still is on a number of meds, of course, and has lab work done every week, but he's free of that constant frustration and fear that was poured into his heart over those years. [And so are we. I cried -- and screamed at God [sorry, if that seems offensive] -- so much during all that time as I watched what he was going through.]

So, for him to be out in L.A., being treated like a special kid, meeting actors, having his dreams fulfilled... has filled my heart with gratitude towards this organization, the donors, and my dear Lord.

What a treat.
The photo of Jack was taken five days before the transplant.


Tricia said...

I am glad he is doing well after the treansplant. I have been wondering.

Make A Wish is a wonderful organization. I hope he makes many wonderful memories. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

This story tears at my heart... but I'm very glad the transplant has been successful. I love what Make A Wish is all about. Thanks for sharing this very personal and difficult part of your life with us.

a joyful noise said...

How totally awesome for this young man to experience his dream.
we do not know the answer to WHY? But in graditude to God we can be thankful he is doing well. Bravo to your daughter and I am grateful for her.

S. Etole said...

She's given him the gift of live twice ... what a blessing for all.

Rich Dixon said...

What an amazing story--I'm jealous, as I love NCIS.

Screaming at God shouldn't offend anyone. I'm certain it doesn't offend Him. He's pleased that you're close enough to be vulnerable.

Tell him to say "Hi" to Ziva for me!

Beth said...

NCIS, huh? Wow! I thoroughly enjoy that show, and I have certain boys to whom I know I can give the back of the head slap and they'll laugh, but know there's a message behind it. (I don't dare risk messing up a girl's hair).
The actors seem like such warm people, and I think Mark Harmon has a reputation for being one. Your grandson should have an awesome time.
As for railing at God, He understands and that's all that matters.
I had no idea about your grandson---am so happy the transplant went well for all.