Sunday, September 5, 2010


Sometimes it's either literal or symbolical that the Lord steps into our path. Sometimes we are taken to Heaven suddenly... or left behind.

This one is literal.

Friday evening I was headed to the grocery store. The nearest intersection had a red light my direction and I stopped, of course. The road is on a bit of a curve, the nearest passing lane nearly invisible from my particular site. A couple minutes later, it turned green... of course. Within a second, a car ran the red light. Usually, I would have taken off immediately. I was glad I hadn't hit the gas and started through for my left turn.

Then, suddenly, another second or so later, another car ran the light ... speeding. And I still had not moved forward -- something about as rare as you could imagine. I was shocked. If I had moved normally, I would have been broadsided... by someone going about 50 mph in a 35 mph zone. Wearing a seat belt wouldn't have saved me.

I keep seeing that picture in my head... knowing that my Father protected, kept me, posted angels ... whatever the explanation.

Part of me always looks at situations like this and reminds me of Paul... I'd be happy either way. Here with my dear ones... in heaven with my DEAR ONE!!

I'm still in recovery from my month-long trip. Exhausted, frustrated, tired b/c of this
annoying "aging" thing of life. But, this is one more proof that I am still to be here with you and yours and His.

Bless your dear heads, Friends and Family.


Anonymous said...

Oh Jo, I just stopped and thanked Father for His protection of you. It happened to us at a traffic light once, and I still suck in a deep breath thinking of it. I am delighted He chose to leave you here! Miss seeing you.

Beth said...

Those moments are reminders of how quickly life can change. I'm always amazed at the intervention that keeps me here. I too am glad He kept you here --- many need you--I'm one of them.

I know how the aging thing goes. You did a lot of traveling and a lot of caring for folks this summer. May you get rested up soon.


S. Etole said...

Really brings out the provision of Psalm 91 ...

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful your time on earth isn't finished! :)

Have a good and GODLY day,

Unknown said...

"For He has called YOU out of darkness into His marvelous light." How blessed are you, Joanne! I am praising the God of heaven that He has plans yet for you here on earth, yet! You are such a blessing to me. Rest in the Lord, dear sister. Each day is truly a gift from our Savior; every breath we take is from His sovereign hand. Love you, Bev