Friday, September 10, 2010


Sometimes I feel the need
***to slip away and seek God’s face.
To hide myself from everyone —
***to flee life’s mad’ning pace.
To hear my Father speak to me
***To hear His voice of grace —
Sometimes I need to be alone with God.

Sometimes my heart is hungry
***for a glimpse of heaven’s peace.
The burdens seem so heavy —
***the cares of life increase.
But then I reach my hand to God
***and all my sorrows cease —
That’s why I need to be
***alone with God.

Sometimes the day’s so hurried
***and I do not seek my Lord.
I find myself at end of day
***not having read His Word —
To see what He has written me,
***To see His love out-poured —
Sometimes I fail to be alone with God.

Sometimes my Father sees that I’ve
***this need to be alone.
And He seeks me out at night
***when my heart and mind are calm.
And He whispers through my dreams —
***and reminds me I’m His own.
Sometimes I need to have a
*** touch from God.

In all of us we recognize
***this need to be alone.
To close the door unto the world —
***to stand before His throne.
To hear His words of wisdom
***to know that we’re His own.
Sometimes we need to be
***alone with God.

He wants each one of us
***to take the time — and come alone.
To meditate upon His Word —
***to pray before His throne —
To praise His blessed name,
***Or make our petitions known —
Oh, how we need to be alone with God.

[I wrote this poem/song eons ago here in Omaha. One Sunday morning before church the Lord simply laid it on me. -- I love it when He writes and I get to hold the pen! -- I hadn't thought of it for a long time, but over the past few weeks it's been floating in and out of my heart and head. I decided to share it.]


Unknown said...

Thank you for posting. It's beautiful. There is a real hunger in my soul these days to spend more time with my Lord, less time thinking about the cares of this world. ("Oh, how He loves you and me....He gave His life, what more could He give?" 70's chorus I still love to sing in my head.) Love you, dear poet.

Gary P. M. DeVeau said...

Thanks Joanne! That is wonderful and needs to get out there. I think many of us can relate and perhaps be drawn to a closer walk because of it. BTW - I can't believe it, but I just started Tweeting, or is it Twittering... which ever. I am
Oh what a world we're just visiting. :-) May all that we do and say be to Father's glory!!!

Beth said...

Beautiful. I figured you wrote it recently after your hectic summer. All you've said is absolutely true.
After being near breaking point this past spring, I took the summer to spend time with God. I spent time with family, but no other socializing---I read, wrote, prayed, praised, and healed.
I've noticed this week that I no longer flinch when a certain teacher walks into the room.
I prayed about my fellow teachers in my lunch time and God handled it. The one who was the hardest on people was put in the other lunch time(where there are 'stronger' persons who can handle him) and one who adds lightness to the atmosphere in the room was put there in his place.
Lunchtime has been fun and relaxing again. God healed me, changed my attitude, worked on other areas, and answered prayers. He is indeed a great and holy God.

Anonymous said...

Since cancer surgery, I have had to be in forced rest, and I can say that your song is an awesome part of my healing process. Thank you Jo, and blessings on the pen in your hand, as He writes!