Thursday, December 31, 2009


I have entered a new phase of life. Heading to the New Year in just under three hours and learning something exceptionally challenging for me. But learning a new way to share is always a good thing, right? [I don't make New Year's resolutions any more -- too easily broken and then need to deal with the frustration and guilt.] So, welcome to my world. Please help me walk through it.


S. Etole said...

Just say the word! I'm so proud of you!

jill pogmore said...

Happy New Year my dear dear friend. I am with you in thought and prayer. This WILL be a good year because God is wth you .
I was reading Footprints this morning as I do most, He is always with us even if we forget He is their He never forgets us.
Blessings my dear from a now warming up after a wet and cool Christmas,Uganda.
Love you Jill

Gary P. M. DeVeau said...

New Beginnings in 2010!

May Father grant each one of us favor as we place one toe into the River or '10.

As ten denotes completion and twenty being twice "ten" (duh) - someone spoke a Word that 2010 would be a year of receiving the "double anointing" from God.

I liked this portion of a Word from TD Jakes, "I believe because we have crossed this Jordan like Elijah and Elisha that we are now eligible to step into a double portion. Financially, yes. We need it; our country needs it; our world needs it. But beyond that, wisdom, inspiration, a new development of faith; I believe new ministries are going to burst wide open."

I don't typically follow Jakes, but this was from an article on the Christian Post, however it struck a note written upon my spirit.

My prayer is that Father's wisdom, inspiration and faith is doubly applied to each one of our lives – and especially to your new blog this new year!!! All our love to you both!

In His Love & Service,

Joyful Catholic said...

I knew you'd find your way into/onto the "blogosphere" J. ;) God bless.

caryjo said...

Dinner time is coming and I'm still wearing my pjs and moving in slow today. Finished The Last Jihad, the Rosenberg book. Had read it about three years ago, but hadn't yet been to one of his conferences or watched him on TV or watched his DVDs over and over and hadn't read the other books written by people attached to him -- Gen. Boykin and Tass Saada -- and the book made a whole lot more sense this time. It's very "male" in terms of the violence, but very, very intelligent. So, later tonight will pull out the next book in the series... trying to make it through all 5 of them. See them as a prep for what could well being coming down the line at many of us, world-wide, if not all of us. Not a lot of "sweetness and light" obviously. But the only true "sweetness and light" any of us have is knowing and trusting our dear Lord. Nothing could possibly be better than that!!