Monday, January 4, 2010


I wrote this in Oct., '01, when I was on a trip to the North Shore of Lake Superior from Duluth to Grand Marais, MN. I was recovering from a surprising depression that slammed me near the end of September over the 9/11 attacks. My husband is just the best... and after nearly 25 years, my thoughts re: him haven't changed a heartbeat, even with all the challenges that come with life and create unexpected stresses. I am so grateful to the Lord for dropping him into my life. The first line is linked to the fact that my son, when my husband was going to bless me and send me off, shook his head in amazement that I had the gumption to hit the road when much was happening at home that needed my time, attention and help. I packed up rapidly and hit the road and was gone for several days. [BTW, when I typed this poem out, I put it in the order/manner I wanted. When I hit "preview" it turned the "poem" into a "paragraph" -- so much to learn. But rather than risk losing it, I'll just pop it your way. So I just threw in the "dashes" to show some division. AAKK!!]

"You hug your husband, and tell him you appreciate him," Steve, my wise son said. -----

I did -- and I do. ----

"I'm sending you my representative," Abba said to me Those years ago. ----

And in the season of robins and lilacs, You bounced through my door -- One of a group. -----

For some reason, I noticed. And weeks later "we" noticed --

And then we got married. [Just about that fast --
and that shocking -- And scary!!] -----

[Because the world would never have put us together, But Abba did.] -----

You were not who I expected -- I was a surprise to you. [I still am sometimes, I think.] -----

But if I know nothing else in this life to be true,
I know my Abba sent his representative. ----

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S. Etole said...

Your Abba knows exactly what He's doing ...