Monday, February 20, 2017


      I was walking for about 1/2 hour with my canes and just as I got home suddenly I dropped onto the street with my face and arms and legs. I was suddenly taken on an ambulance to the Immanuel Hospital and my husband Dave arrived suddenly from our church where he works and when I was at the hospital he had driven in strongly. They did a lot of stuff on my body and brain and it was very sore since Thursday and until today.  My left-side head is sore and ugly.  I've slept a little bit and have a lot of pain even when I'm in bed for about 12 hours if possible.
      Anyhow, I didn't think I could do anything on here this evening, but I decided to just show a couple.  Many have prayed over and for me.  AND the Bhutanese, when I was at their church yesterday when my husband had let me in there in, they held me and prayed for me.  I've also had pills and other things with my face and my arms.
      I sure hope to share this now and then I'll be heading to bed again.  I'll be in bed about 7:20 and I'll get up about 8:30 tomorrow.  Can't always sleep, but when I wake up a bit, I worship and pray and glorify the Lord.
      OH... and the earlier pictures will be shown from Thursday and Friday and then today.  I look better today, but I don't feel much better.  Oh, well....
      Bless you all.  I'm thinking and praying!!!



a joyful noise said...

Joanne, so sorry this happened to you. A fall can really upset us and I do understand. Thankfully I have not fallen recently and am watching where I place my feet. I am thankful you were not hurt worse. Thank you for sharing your pretty face with us here at Tell me a Story. (smile)

Saleslady371 said...

Hi, Joanne:
This makes me want to cry. I am so sorry for your pain from this fall. I am praying for a good night's sleep, rest and healing. Sending you a loving hug from me, your friend in Arizona!


Unknown said...

Oh NOOOO! Oh, this breaks my heart. I'm so sorry for your pain, sister. I'm definitely praying for a quick healing and recovery. You always have such a wonderful outlook and perspective on life, Jo. Thanks for being an encouragement even in, especially in, your difficult times.