Monday, July 25, 2016


[I'm sorry that I didn't write very well, but I tried.  I'll try another month or two just to share re: how the Lord has been so special to and for me.  That's a miracle!!]  
    Way back in Redwood City, CA, area, I was down from Tacoma, WA, with my former husband who had been born and raised in that direction, and about 4 months after we were married he suddenly took me down.   I was 23 to 28 years old down there.
      I had a friend, through church in Redwood City, Denise, who, for about several months, was babysitting my daughter and son
Her sons and my kids and their dad and me.
way back then, especially when I was working.  Renae was 4-1/2 years old and Steve was 16 months old when I was sent out of that place.  Suddenly,   through an amazing way, she was given a gift of about $600.  When I came for my kids, Monday, May 19th when I was off work, and she asked where I wanted to go sometime. I told her that I wanted to go to Omaha to see a long-time friend.  My friend, Susan, and I hadn't been together for several years, and had been friends at high school in Klickitat, WA.  I hadn't been told about her $600 gift right then, and, when I indicated where I'd like to go, and it would be nearly $200 on the plane for me and my kids, Denise said she'd give ME $300.  WOW!!   Because of Denise's gift of money, I and my kids were on the airplane to Omaha, May 24, '74. Thought I'd be in Omaha for about a couple months and then back to Redwood City.  Renae was going to be in school for the first time and that's what I anticipated.  Well, he indicated through a letter and a phone only a couple months later, that I could not come back.  He did not want to know or see me any more.  WELL, about 1-1/2 years later, a pastor had called me about his spiritual situation, and that husband talked to me and drove out a few weeks later.  He arrived December 5, '75.  Denise had seen him several times for a couple years before I left and about a year when I had left.

      I've lived in Omaha most of the time for 42 years.  I've been in Oklahoma for a couple years, when my former husband had gone down there in '82 to be a roof fixer and he was wonderful at that. Well, we ended up divorced in Oklahoma in Sept., '84, and I was back up in Omaha with my kids, in early September, able to be with lots of friends in that town, and special schools for my kids that they've loved being there.  Suddenly, and surprisingly, I had been married in September, '85. Now it's been 30 years... in September it will be our 31st anniversary ...  and he's been a wonderful person for me and my kids.  My kids and grandkids LOVE him!!
       OK!  This is the amazing situation.  I've always thought about Denise and wondered how to get together.  I was not back living in those western states.  I've driven out or been flown out to see my sisters and friends for about 38 years.            
Renae and Denise at our house
      THEN, Denise was here July 12th.  My husband and I picked her up at the airport and had wonderful time.  We've never known or seen each other in those 42 years.  The amazing piece that it occurred was through Facebook, b/c she connected somehow with me a couple months ago.  She decided to come to Omaha to be with me and to meet my kids.   She got to see Renae and Steve.  [BTW, my husband was a real blessing to and for her, too.] 
      She was here for a week and went back on Tuesday the 19th.  We put her at the airport and gave her lots of hugs!!

      Anyhow, it was a blessing to have her here.  She's about a year younger than me.  I'm 71 and she's 70.  
     Now I just wanted to tell how wonderful it has been.


Saleslady371 said...

So glad you two had the opportunity to connect. What a blessing!

Unknown said...

That's awesome! What a gift to catch up with friends and share the precious gift of time with one another. So happy for you.

a joyful noise said...

What a blessing those many years ago when Denise shared her $600 money with you giving you half. Then to connect on FB and for her to come for a visit. Awesome. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.