Monday, January 16, 2017


        Sharing this info again!  I always love when my son has a birthday time.  So... here's the reason that amazingly the Lord protected me and kept him to come.  Blessings...
     I have posted more than once about how he was born miraculously... not just from bodies, but from the strong encouragement for abortion by my doctors.  I refused to do anything to take the baby out earlier.  AND it was mostly because of my serious body issue.  They were worried about the baby that would die, b/c of me.  I'll put most of that in after this next bit of "miracle" news.
      He is 44 on January 17.  I can't forget any of the situations that were piled on me for the 8 months of my pregnancy to his birth.  It was filled with scariness from the Doctors in the Redwood City, CA., area.
       And, again, here's the story of how he arrived...
=======================================================                                MY "ABORTION" MIRACLE!

       Every year when January 22nd hits, and the pro-choice and pro-life groups hit the news, I always want to stand up and holler, "LISTEN TO ME!!!!"
      The key: My son was born on January 17th, 1973.  And it's a miracle he was born.  So here's the info:

      In the Spring, 1972, I became pregnant for the serious situation time. I had had at least two miscarriages in the previous two years, and, while driving home from church that Sunday afternoon, the pain began strongly again; I was only 6 weeks pregnant. It was the exact feeling and timing of the other miscarriages. I went to a Doctor, who was available at his work place immediately on that Sunday afternoon, and after checking me, he suggested that I not have this baby, that I let "Nature" bring this to an end. He gave me some pills to take "whenever I felt that pain."  Well, at home, I was in pain that day, but even when in pain, I didn't take any pills; I was not a medicine-oriented person. What I discovered many months later was that the pills would not have relieved the pain, but would have caused a medical abortion.
      Occasionally, during the next several months, other doctors tried to convince me to let them bring the birth to an end. I was told that this baby would be a mental and physical vegetable, that I would always have to care for "it" and would never be free OR that the baby could die very soon and I would suffer from that death; "Mother Nature" had tried to free it "now."
     Well, I refused. Can't say I wasn't frightened about what the results would be. In fact, I was terrified during the pregnancy, especially when I was forced to be in bed for about two months that summer and had this fear pouring through my heart and mind constantly. But, I knew it wasn't what God would want me to do, so I simply couldn't; sometimes I felt Him hold my hand and encourage me to stand in that rocky area. The baby's Dad, my former husband, basically just told me to do what I needed to do. Except for one "spiritual" Mom in that portion of Redwood City/San Mateo who gave me a Word when she could, I walked through this alone.
      [You must recall or know that in those days talking to a pastor about these physical issues was not reasonable, or going to a counselor wasn't easy (especially since I couldn't afford it), and ultrasound wasn't a medical part of our lives. Life has most certainly changed now. I also had no family I could talk to.]     The baby was due on January 12. On the 16th, I was rushed to Stanford University for the delivery about 9 at night. Labor had kicked in that evening. When I was in that place when the baby was being delivered, about 6:30 AM the 17th, the nurse asked if I wanted to look in the mirror so I could watch the baby come out. All of a sudden, I was obviously more terrified than anyone, including me, knew it. I screamed, "NO!!!"
     And then the baby came. And HE was not a vegetable. He looked exactly like his sister who had arrived October 9, 1969, in that same hospital, he was an ounce heavier than she had been, and 1/2 inch longer in length. That was all. Period.
     They did some stuff to me and pulled out a bunch of my "baby" stuff -- so I could never have a baby again -- and I was in the hospital for a few days.  Then me and my baby went home. Didn't know anything about the Roe v. Wade abortion approval, even though this picture was taken that very day, January 22nd.


  In fact, I didn't know anything about that for some time; life was extremely stressful and my recovery took several months. Survival was my only focus then.
      But to know that the Lord gave me a son at the same time that law came into being, and that He had helped me walk through those horrible times with very caring and concerned doctors, probably some of the most seriously compelled to do the best for me and the "fetus", still just fills my heart with appreciation for Him. 

 He was baptized and his step-dad and I were there for him.
                   Steve and his son Dyllon, 3 years ago on
                   Steve's 40th B-day Steve's sister, Renae.


cairncottage said...

Wow! What a testimony! Even through some of what sounds like the most difficult circumstances, God was with you and the child growing inside you. Love all of the pictures. What a blessing to see your son, and then the blessing of a grandson, too! Happy Birthday, Steve!!! Happy "mom of a son" day, Caryjo!!!

Lux G. said...

A living miracle. Beautiful.

a joyful noise said...

Praise God Steve is here and you did not listen to the Doctors. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

Unknown said...

Glad you listened and are obedient to our Father. His master plan included you and your family. What a blessing. And Happy Birthday, Steve!!! God bless you and your family, sister.

a joyful noise said...

Thank you for sharing the miracle of your Son Steven's birth. Amazing how God is so Good to help you carry this baby to term. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

Saleslady371 said...

Wow what a miracle and great story. Bless you today.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Steve!

Wow… I can't believe it's been a year already… how time flies.

Hope all is well with you, sister. Praying for you and I hope you're staying warm.