Wednesday, April 10, 2013


This photo was taken by Susie when I popped over to visit her, from Seattle to Pullman.  

 A few months later, "this" happened:

April 10, 1966, Resurrection Sunday, I was at Portland Avenue Baptist Church in Tacoma, WA.  I had been there for about 3 weeks, because the Lord had dropped someone into my life, and through that, some of His amazing Words were breaking through my tight, high, concrete, refusing-to-readjust walls.

That Sunday, April 10th,  I dressed nice.  I enjoyed the service.  Was sitting with my roommate, Carol, a co-worker at my office who God had used to begin the breaking-down process in mid-March.

THEN, at the end of the service, Pastor Mark said that those who were willing to accept Christ are now called forward.  The pianist began to quietly play a hymn.  Do I remember what it was?  No.  But do I think I know what it was?  Yes.  "Just As I Am."

And what did I do?  I held onto the back of the pew in front of me.  My hands were crunched tightly, muscles intense.  I stood firmly, feet to the ground.  My mind said, basically, "NO!!  Can't make me!"

What did I feel?  My back prodded, my nerves pushing me, my head "tapped".  And what did I do?  Nothing!  I stood right there, refusing to go one step forward.  

OH, and it was NOT anyone surrounding me that was prodding, pushing, tapping me.  Even then, I knew it was something connected to God.  What I didn't understand in those days was that the Holy Spirit is a "Toucher".

When church ended what did I think?   I...was..HAPPY!  Because I was at my first Resurrection Sunday in about 3 years?  Maybe a little.  Mostly, however, because... I...WON!!

During previous Sunday's the Lord had begun to gently crack my walls.  Now?  Oh, yahHE had more control than I did.  [Can you believe THAT?]

And then a few days later ...
[You're stuck with me again next Monday... Part 2.] 

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Jeff Jordan said...
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Jeff Jordan said...

"Just as I am?" Boy, if I had a dollar for every time we sang that song in church while I was growing up:) Love the red dress too...

a joyful noise said...

The blessed Holy Spirit keeps working even when we think "we have won that round." Thank you for sharing at "Tell Me a Story."

Floyd said...

I love that old hymn. God has used that to ''touch" many... without one plea...