Monday, March 19, 2012


I was saved Friday, April 15, 1966, 6:30 PM, in Tacoma, WA. In the early '70s, I heard a song on the radio in Redwood City, CA, and it roared into my heart, filled me with joy.

The song was written by Dottie Rambo... and what's amazing? ... I-net info indicated it was written in 1966. Many, many people have loved it, but obviously the Lord, with that special timing, had it written just for me, doncha think?

The main lyrics have to do with the Lord pulling back curtains for memory.

When sharing my testimony, person to person, in particular, this has meant a great deal. The reason: I never want to forget what my life was like...and how blessed to be redeemed by my Lord.

When I was in my late teens ... 1964 and 1965 in particular ... I was headed for real trouble. As a heavily abused child, I was extremely angry at life, and took it out on a lot of people. I was a fighter... both for and against others. I had begun drinking beer nearly every evening and definitely every weekend, headed deeper and deeper into that -ism. I had a reputation as the filthiest mouth-person around, "dirty joke queen" at my office. I had been sexually assaulted, and was using it as a way to assault others. Not a nice girl, believe me.

I knew I was headed towards death in one of three ways: violence, alcoholism, or suicide. My depression was increasing and exploding, day by day, minute by minute. People knew I was a good worker, when the job was something that kept me interested, because I was smart and wanted to learn more. But they also knew that if I became upset, I could ruin them and everyone else.

It was a miraculous manner in which the Lord broke into my life in March, 1966, and then drew me to Himself, bit by bit, step by step, for just a few weeks. After my salvation, I didn't become anything perfect... still struggled with some of those sinful elements, still dealt with serious depression ... but I DID grow in Him and remained His daughter, and could never desire to be anything different ... ever, ever, ever.

NOW, that song, "Remind Me, Dear Lord" is one that always touches my heart. I'm not who I was in nearly any fashion. I'm married to a generous and caring man. I'm blessed by many, many dear ones ... both natural family and international family gifts -- from Uganda, Burkina Faso, and Nepal. How could I be happier? To be honest, I still deal with depression, but it is far less than anytime in that seriosity-based past.

When I listen to that song I’m simply reminded where I had been and how blessed I am now, because of His sweet insistence of "pulling back the curtain to remind me." It keeps me from becoming stuffy and snooty and "perfect" when viewing the lives of others.

A blessing beyond belief.
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TC Avey said...

Such a powerful testimony- keep remembering and keep sharing. People need to hear that Christians are real people with real problems and God is able to deliver us from them all.

Anonymous said...

Jo, I remember when that song came out too. I love those words and sing that song for myself often. I wasn't raised in the atmosphere that you were, but whatever burdens I carry, when I think of those precious words, He reminds me who He is and who I am in Him. You have blessed me much this morning - as always.


a joyful noise said...

Your testimony is so stirring and amazing how God can take a sinner and clean them up, sometimes fast, and other times a bit here and a bit there. My husband tells how his mouth was cleaned up over night. I know it dosen't always happen that way, but it is lovely when it does.

Cris Ferreira said...

What a powerful testimony, Jo! You are a living proof that God can heal and write a good story in anyone's life, if they let them.
Thank you for sharing it with us!