Friday, September 30, 2011


I find it interesting how my Scripture reading has been readjusting over the past 18 months. Almost always since I came to Him in April, 1966, the Lord has indicated where and what I was to read, but rarely re-reading the same Books over and over. However, shortly after I began blogging, Luke was a book He had me read about 13 times, all in different translations, from KJV to Amplified to Living.

The end of last October, He laid Revelation on me and didn't take it out of my reading path for 6 months, 'til this past Easter. I read it at least once a week, usually once every 4 days. Always Amplified. So, about 35 times in that six months. [A side Word added to this was John 17.]

For about the first 18 years with the Lord, I wasn't interested in Psalms. Usually buried in historical and prophetic OT. However, in the past 27 years, I've read the Book of Psalms over and over, especially when life was filled with tension or strife or overwhelming seriosity and the Psalms were a safe place to hang out. However, I rarely did more than rush through Ps. 119. Found it boring, too repetitive.

Now life has changed... again. A couple weeks ago, He led me to read that Psalm. And prodded me to do it every day. So far as I know, it is going to be my Word-reading stretch through October.

It has become amazing. Something I never would have imagined could happen. I've begun to not just read it, but
pray to Him through the Psalm. For myself, my husband, my family, my friends. All as a verse or a heart-opening occurs. Reminding Him that my children and grandchildren have had much Word-seed planted in their hearts and that the healthy fruit could spring to the surface, that [for all of us] less-than-godly behaviors could be reversed.

For me: that my heart will yearn --
YEARN -- for Him and His path for me, that I'd never want to take a side-route or a side-step and somehow lose His immediate will for my life.

During the next month, I'm hoping that more and more of His message to me [and mine] will be enlarged, that I will always focus on Him and not on the everyday stuff that keeps trying to interfere with my walk with Him.

I most certainly won't have it memorized, but I will have it "heartized"...which is happening already. Now, when I finish the reading/praying time with it, and start to clean rooms, do dishes and laundry, and putz around in and outside of the house, my heart continues to seek and speak, with Him in mind.

What can be more joyful and thrilling than that?????


Unknown said...

"I most certainly won't have it memorized, but I will have it "heartized"

That's a heart attitude that God loves!

Beth said...

I'm at a tough spot in my life where I really needed this. Thank you, friend.

S. Etole said...

Been spending some time there myself. It's a good one!