Sunday, May 22, 2011


When the Lord sends me on a trip, I never know what or who He is going to place in my path. And nearly always an exciting event occurs. Or fun. Or, just occasionally, something controversial. This trip had all three types, some with more than one.

The first one occurred in Nampa, Idaho, when I had to stop at a Target store to try to arrange for a p
rescription to be filled, since I'd left that med home for the very first time in many years. As I walked to the wide-open entry sidewalk, a red SUV pulled up next to me, a woman stepped out, and hit the ground. Her glasses flew off as her face slammed on the concrete. Her purse flew. I saw all this out of the corner of my eye, and was able to rush to her, grab her glasses, hold her while her husband got out of the car and came around. Within a few minutes much had been revealed. She had Parkinsons, had not used her cane as her husband had wanted her to, and had some physical injuries to her upper leg and lower abdomen and her husband was going to take her to an Urgent Care place nearby. A security guard and other Target employees came to help. When I saw her fall, the holler from my mouth, automatically, was "JESUS!!!" [It dawned on me later that some folks might have misinterpreted it and not realized it was a prayer and thought it was a curse, but, oh, well.] So, right place, right time. [And I did receive the prescription.]

next one is probably in the "controversial" category.

I was leaving Baker City, Oregon, the following da
y after the first event. As I was pulling onto the Interstate, I just automatically knew I was to stop and check on a hitchhiker. [The 3rd time this has happened in 27 years.] Before the man got into my car I told him that he was going to hear worship music, the Word of God, and be prayed over. He said that sounded fine. I ended up taking him approximately 175 miles to Pasco, WA. I was needing to head that general direction anyhow, which has never happened before. I shared the Lord with Ron a number of ways, answered some of his confusion and needs, and prayed over him intensely before dropping him off at his location. He was a nice guy, a cowboy, just stuck in a bizarre situation that hindered his usual ability to take care of his needs. And this time he was stuck with a yammery Bible teacher.

After Pasco, I went to visit a "blog" acquaintance.
.. met on here not long ago ... and spent about 5 hours in D.'s house, looking out over the hills and fields, and blessed beyond belief to simply enjoy our time together. She was a real treat, in many ways. I'm planning to stay in touch in any way possible. And she is an amazing photographer, as are so many of you. [I had a "dizzy" attack while at her place, the first of three serious ones on this trip, so it was a good place to have a chance to rest and have some relaxing tea. Half an hour later, I was doing OK. Shortly after, I hit the road again.]

The next day a treat was to spend time with a lady with whom Susie and I had graduated in '63... the three of us had been good friends in high school and Susie and I had lost contact with Linda until very recently, a couple
weeks before I was heading out on this trip. Linda and I met at a restaurant in Vancouver, WA, and spent 4 hours catching up. Three days later, she came to my sister's, nearly 100 miles away in Oregon, and we went to the ocean together, on the Washington side, and we had a photo taken. When I left for home a week later, after being in the Tacoma area with other family, and even taking the day-trip to Canada, I spent the night with her as officially hitting the road. Talk about covering much territory. I never would have thought it would ever be like that. After 46 years of never seeing each other or knowing anything about each other, we have a number of the same interests, the same goals, the same heart-filled desires. Differences? Absolutely. But it was still pretty amazing.

The "Canada" portion will be a post of its own. It is an amazing story and I wouldn't want to shorten it. [Here's a photo "hint"...]

On the way back to Nebraska, nothing happened. Met no one, saw nothing, just kept hitting the road. Drove 1,070 miles in the last 24 hours; 740 the first day and, since I couldn't sleep that night, tired as I was, I hit the road again at 3:30 [staying right behind a semi for nearly 3 hours so I didn't have to rely on my own sight re: deer or other potential problems] and reached home mid-morning, instead of late afternoon, which was the original plan.

Overall, the trip was exactly what it was expected to be. However, there were a few of these "right place, right time" elements that shot it off the charts.

And I'm still in "recovery" and preparing to head out for the Grand Canyon on Memorial Day with my British friend, Jill... her desire after 4 years since her last visit. I think that will have shorter driving days, in general, and fewer people and much more scenery. Let's see what the Lord drops in then, huh? Never know when His surprises will hit.

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Simply Darlene said...

Heya! It was so good meeting you in-person. Your visit was a blessed event at our home and I am very thankful to have felt your hugs and heard your prayers.

You are welcome any ole time!