Friday, June 4, 2010


It was a week ------------- Only one week.

Filled with talking and talking and listening and simply enjoying. Hanging out "feet first".

Being a human-photo-practice-
model for her. Most happily for me?
Sitting on a rock!

Visiting with pastor-friends
locations 100-miles north and east of her home.

Providing a graveyard for hundreds of dragonflies.

For the first time in 26 years hearing the Lord tell me very strongly that I was to pick up a hitchhiker and take him where he needed to go... and the man gave me some more "clues" to the spiritual research project I'm always involved with. But Steve, of course, didn't have a "clue" that God was using him to accomplish that. I also prayed for him before I let him out of the car... he put up with it b/c I had provided the ride. I KNOW God is going to use that experience to plant seed in his heart... hope I see "Eagle Catcher" in heaven!

Had a mutual pastor-friend-singer
come to
Susie's and give a worship concert for us.

Went to the nearby reservation and had a chance to fellowship and speak...left Susie's at 7, got back at midnight.

And, intermittently over the days, rested, rested, and rested again.

The last photo we took toget
her was holding our hands on a rock.

The Lord is our Rock.

The friendship He knit together for us 50 years ago has gone through much hardness and "rocky-ness" in both of our lives... you know, as life is and does.

Our personalities are about as opposite as anyone can imagine -- she quiet, introverted, filled wit
h compassion; me rowdy, intense, always ready to fight (before, physically; now, in a spiritual sense.). The fact that God dropped a godly teen into my life when I was an "other side of the tracks tough cookie" teen, is miraculous. When I was in high school her character drew me to try harder to reach up toward a better option in life.

I have often said that if it hadn't been for her, I don't know how I would have made it during the stretch before the Lord broke into my life.

Life is still a bit "Rocky" for us, in a variety of areas, but no matter the challenges that face us individually and "friendly"
-- we rely together on


[Am hoping for another visit in the not-too-distant future. October sounds good to me... We'll see what the Lord provides.]


S. Etole said...

October sounds excellent ... just excellent! And once again, thanks for the gift that you are.

Unknown said...

It's wonderful to see such friendship endure over such a span of time.


Beth said...

I'm so glad you had that time together---sounds so wonderful. Cudos to you in following God's direction with the hitchhiker--now that's faith!

caryjo said...

Don't know if I'd call it "faith" as much as doing what I was told... I would have been so disappointed and wondered forever what happened b/c I thought it was a crazy idea. I didn't tell whole story, of course, but it was quite interesting.

Good to hear from you, Friend. School ending, breathing beginning? Travel hitting?