Monday, March 22, 2010


It’s not the Fact of a Hole –
-- life is life --
It’s the gape-ing-ness,
The ravaged-edged-ness of it;
The where does it begin – or end-ness?
What can – WHO can –
fill the Hole?
I desire to not wallow –
I want to move on –
Yet I feel paralyzed
Numbed by life’s trickery, treachery.
I can’t breathe deeply
b’cause the air brushes against
the rawness, the redness, the INFLAMED LIVIDNESS
of the Hole’s edges,

and is caught mid-stream.

In spite of the
pain, Fear, Stricken-ness,
what do I know?

My Father God is BIGGER
(He can fill the gape-ing-ness,
transform the Blackness to Light
and infuse
wonderful Peace).

My Father God REDEEMS
(Period. He is the Eternity-Focused Eternal Father).

My Father God is KIND
(He promised beauty for ashes,
the oil of joy for mourning).

My Father God is FAITHFUL -
(what He begins, He finishes –
He will not leave gaping ugly Holes).

-- I must remember,
moment by moment

My Dear, Most Dear, Husband loves me.
My Children and Grandchildren --
[Family-related and otherwise]
think I’m OK –- (usually) --
I am much blessed wi
Faithful Friends...

--– a Future and a Hope.

All metamorphose to anointing oil,
gently showering,

soothing ra
w edges.

Healing WILL come – Through them all –
My Heavenly Father --
My Dear, Most
Dear, Husband –
Family –

The Hole will fill,
ravaged edges bound in Love.

==========Blog Carnival time. The word is Faithfulness


Glynn said...

Ready this is like reading ragged emotions. Well done.

katdish said...


Anonymous said...

Very powerful! Thank you, caryjo.

Kevin said...

Very beautiful poem!

S. Etole said...

Love is the best binding there is ... this really is an emotionally raw poem

Candy said...

Such emotion in your writing. I didn't breathe much here. Beautiful!

Sandra Heska King said...

The ravaged-edged-ness of gaping life holes--softened with His oil. Wow! This is a several-read poem.

Jeanne Frances Klaver said...

oh yes